New BULK Prices On IGF-1 Lr3 & NEW Price On All SARMs

Jul 01, 2016 - 12:16 PM - by Presser

Ostarine Ligandrol Andarine

IGF-1 Lr3 New Sale Prices!

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Team MuscleChemistry

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Ligandrol LGD-4033 Now Available with Special IGF-1 lr3 Promotion!

Jun 19, 2016 - 10:40 AM - by Presser
***New*** Ligandrol LGD-4033 Now Available

IGF-1 Lr3 Buy 6 Get 7th Free + 1 LGD-4033
Limited Time Only!

Thank You
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Kevin Levrone Competing at 2016 Olympia Video Announcement with Phil Heath, Shawn Rhoden & Frank Sepe

May 13, 2016 - 10:15 PM - by Iron-game
Kevin Levrone Turned IFBB Pro Bodybuilder in 1991 and Just Announced He will Be Competing in the 2016 Mr Olympia Bodybuilding Contest.

Born: July 16, 1964 (age 51), Baltimore, MD

Height: 5′ 11″
Kevin Mark Levrone IFBB professional bodybuilder, IFBB Hall of Famer. blogger, musician and actor. Kevin competed in 67 IFBB Professional contests.
Kevin Levrone Turned IFBB Pro Bodybuilder in 1991 and Just Announced He will Be Competing in the 2016 Mr Olympia Bodybuilding Contest.

Levrone is looking kinda Jacked under that sweater lmao

instagram Handle:

Kevin Levrone Facebook Handle
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Mind & Muscle Building Efects. Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 Vital in Enhanced Neural Function, Greatly Improves Cognition.

Jun 15, 2016 - 10:21 AM - by Presser
IGF-1 Lr3 Muscle and Mind Building and Strengthening Effects!

By now many of us know that the main anabolic muscle building effects that come from Human Growth Hormone is the Insulin-like growth factor-1 that is produced by the liver, by way of the HGH stimulating the liver to produce the insulin-like growth factor-1, making HGH a kind of precursor.

Performance driven Athletes of all kinds have for sometime now understood that to maximize muscle as well as maintain muscle and aid in healing over the course of a long season or during training that Insulike-like growth factor-1 is the way to go and more over the more potent and popular form IGF-1 lr3 or insulin-like growth factor-1 Long R3. So the growth promoting effects most people have always associated with Growth Hormone are in reality mediated through IGF-1 which has the properties or characteristics of both Hormone and Growth Factor since it triggers the growth and proliferation of cells.

However it hasnt been until recently that science is starting to back up anecdotal reports on the use of IGF-1 and Improved Cognition, and stronger Neural pathways in Athletes. Many MMA and MLB Players have known this for quite sometime with the rumblings and reports on extreme hand eye coordination improvements, faster response times, and overall improved mental focus due to their use of IGF-1 and mainly the more readily available, longer more potent version IGF-1 lr3. Its particularly important to note that IGF-1 lr3 acts as a Neurotropic factor in the brain, aiding in Neurogenesis (grows new brain cells) and is Neuroprotective (Preservation and survival of exisiting Neurons)

Growth Factor Therapy or (GFT) is the administering of Insulin-like growth factor-1 lr3

  • GFT promotes growth and repair of skeletal muscle
  • Promotes Muscle Hypertrophy
  • Decreases Adipose Tissue by way of its ability to utilize or burn fat for energy
  • Improved Neural Functions, Brain Cognition, Focus, Response times between thought and process

Scientists Now understand that only modicum amounts of HGH can cross the blood brain barrier whereas IGF-1 lr3 crosses this barrier without issue leaving scientists to conclude that it is the IGF-1 alone that is responsible for the Improved cognitive abilities which lead to improved executive function, as well as verbal memory.

In conclusion, for those of you who knew the phsyical benefits of GFT through personal experience but werent quite sure if the added benefits in Brain Function and Cognition were just an anomaly or not, you now know Science has shown your suspicions to be routed in fact and not as unfounded as you might have thought!

IGF-1 Lr3 Mind and Muscle Building
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Building a Bigger Stronger Chest with Heavy Compound Movements. Count Sets NOT Reps!

Jun 08, 2016 - 1:06 PM - by Presser
Dont train Your Chest Every Other Fucking Day! Hit Hard Once a Week and You Will Grow!

More of the Same means Less of the Gain!

So Presser how do you train your pectoral muscles for ultra growth?

Below you will find some common errors in building a bigger stronger chest as well as some proper good old fashion sure fire methods at achieving Arnold like Pecs, lol, ok maybe not Arnold Like, but you can shoot for "Presser" like, hows that lol

3 Common Errors Made In Building a Bigger Chest.

Your Not an IFBB Professional Bodybuilder, so do NOT try training like one!

  • Isolated Movements / Exercises. Doing strictly cable flies will not tear deep enough into the muscle tissue as needed to bring about the release of Testosterone and Growth Hormone secreted from the pituitary gland that the body naturally produces like when performing heavy compound movements.
  • Dont eat like a Fucking BIRD. This pretty much goes without saying for everything! No matter the muscle your training or the day of the week or time off from the gym, You ALWAYS NEED TO EAT ENOUGH TO FUEL YOUR BODY AND GROW YOUR MUSCLES
  • TRAIN WITH PROPER FORM. If your bouncing or swinging the weight around, then the weight is too heavy for you! Use as much weight as possible while also trying to get in tune with that Mind Muscle Connection. Yes It is Real! When you find it and feel it, and can see your pectoral muscle flexing in your minds eye then you have achieved the Mind Muscle Connection! Muscles I see, In My Minds Eye I do .....Train Like Jedi Yoda lol,

The "Do's" of Building Bigger Pec / Chest Muscles.
Before you even consider using the fine tuning isolation type exercies and movements you must first build a solid foundation through training with compound movements, Compound movements will also help work your Stabilizer aka Secondary muscles which in turn will produce more overall muscle growth, and strength

Primary versus Secondary (Stabilizer) Muscles Example:

Primary muscles are what control the movement you are performing. Simply put, itís the muscle intended and targeted during a said exercise.Secondary muscles are what assist the primary muscles to complete an exercise.For example, if we are doing an escalator lunge (Back foot on front platform, front foot on carriage, facing the back of the classroom), the primary muscle we are targeting is our glutes. Thatís where you will feel the burn and constant tension being held. Your secondary muscles would be your quadriceps and core. They both aid you in completing that movement by stabilizing you.

  • Eat Like a Fucking Animal. If your new to working out, and still trying to build a solid foundation to build upon, then you are going to need to eat like an animal, a gorilla, or lion, devour your food like a predator ,
  • Train Heavy Compound Movements. Use Free weights, and stay away from the machines which do alot of the work for you and take out the needed work of your stabilizer muscles. Leave the Machines for the older guys with Bum Joints lol
  • Take Time to Grow. Simply put this means REST! Take time off from the gym to recoup. Its during this OFF time when your muscles are repairing themseleves and doing all of the Growing, not when your training, this is when your muscles are being broken down hopefully as deep into the muscle tissue as possible!
  • NO LollyGagging. In between sets should be minimal, just enough time to catch your breath and get ready for the next set! This is not the time when your on your phone, or chatting it up with your buddies!
  • Full Range Of Motion. Bouncing The bar with off your chest 10 times with 405lbs on it isnt doing anyone any good! Your pectoral Muscles need a full range strict motion to achieve maximum growth. Plus you look like a dick with your back arched and bar bouncing off your chest.
  • Log It. It is always a good idea to log your routine in a small journal when just stating out and even when you become more accomplished in the gym. Keep track of your sets , reps , weight and exercises performed that day.
  • Count Sets NOT Reps. Simply put this means Train til failure on every set! Its ok to keep track of your weight and your sets for the day, however I am a firm believer in training every body part til failure! Why stop on your 10th rep just because thats your routine when you have a few more reps left in you! Or Why Ruin the Rest of your workout by being Mind Fucked just because you could only get 8 or 9 reps out of the 10 you were suppose to do for that set. So Always Train til failure on every set! Count Sets, Not Reps! This will ensure you have worked your muscles as hard as possible without letting the numbers game get in your way!

Pressers Favorite Four Chest Builders.

  • Flat Bench Press. A Flat Bench Is King In My Book, Followed By Decline and then my least favorite Incline!
  • Chain Weight Angled Dips. If you can find someone to stand behind you and hold your feet out some, then front leaning angled dips with chain weight are pretty killer for building a great chest!
  • Incline Dumbbell Press. I If your not real keen on barbell incline, then give dumbbell inclines a go! They bring in your secondary muscles and due to your having maximum range of motion with dumbbell inclines, your able to really tare deep into the muscle fascia which is when the real growth begins!
  • Heavy Flat Bench Dumbbells Flies. This is a good movement towards the latter part of your chest day. Its not really a finishing or fine tuning exercise like you would normally find at the end of a chest day, but when done with proper form as heavy as you can go, you will have nothing left in the tank. A really good exerice to end a heavy compound movement chest workout
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Powder Conversion Instructions

Jun 15, 2004 - 4:22 AM - by Flexmaster
Most of these recipes can be done with less than the recommended amounts of ba and bb, but you will need to change the amount of oil in the recipe if you do. Use the powder converter sticky to find the appropriate amounts.

Test Enanthate 5 gram conversion

5... [Read More]
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Clomid therapy and detection times for you guys Read!

Jun 24, 2004 - 7:40 PM - by strider
here ya go guys I pulled this up for ya, should asnwer most questions as to when to start clomid and such and how long it stays active and detection times.

Detection times for AAS

Anavar 3 weeks
Anadrol 2 months
Andriol 1 week
Clenbuterol 4-5 Days
Deca Durabolin (Nandrolone Decanoate) 18 months
Dianabol 5 weeks
Durabolin... [Read More]
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Understanding IGF-1

Oct 29, 2004 - 2:22 PM - by Cordoba
Understanding IGF-1
By Bryan Haycock

To understand how IGF-1 works you have to understand how muscles grow. The ability of muscle tissue to constantly regenerate in response to activity makes it unique. Itís ability to respond to physical/mechanical stimuli depends greatly on what are called satellite cells. Satellite cells are muscle precursor cells. You might think... [Read More]
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Oral Liquid Recipes

May 02, 2005 - 5:03 AM - by Bignick
For each hormone I listed ingredients needed. For the procedure scroll down.

Highest concentration made - 50mg/ml
Per 1 gram of Oxymetholone you will need:
8.4 ml's of PEG 300
10.5 ml's 190 Proof Grain Alcohol

Highest concentration made - 20mg/ml
Per 1 gram of Oxandrolone powder you will need:
... [Read More]
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