As some of you know I have posted on "short cycles" in the past on several boards. Here's a rundown and an update.


I call any cycles of 2-6 weeks a short cycle. I have come to the conclusion that 4 weeker give the best gains to sides ratio....and still allow for rapid hpta recovery, even without using hcg during the cycle, since testicular atrophy is minimal.

FOR WHOM and why?

-For the paranoid newbie
-For the person wanting only modest gains from steroids
-For the athlete
-For those that just want to get to there natural maximum weight/developement fairly quickly

WHY DO THEM(con'd)?

#1. To reduce time with a shitty lipid profile.

Many bros get tired of all the F-ing sides form long cycles. I especially got tired of having a crappy lipid profile for months on end with a hdl of next to ZERO(and yes you ALL get this UNSEEN side and nothing really helps, including the #1 hdl modifier, Niacin)

#2. Generally reduced sides all round

Many don't get bad acne until after 4 weeks "on"
Many loose less hair
My prostate stays okay while on a short cycles with testosterone

#3. Short cycles are better than training natural(gains wise) WILL see gains way faster than you could attain to naturally, especially if you are not near your natural maximum level of developement ie: about 190-195 lean pounds for the average man of 5-9-10" tall.

#4. Short cycles are a quick way to actually get somewhat above your natural max weight ...then after the cycles you can hold at your natural max with proper natural training. I for one am convinced that nobody can actually hold onto any muscle size above your natural max long term.

#5. Gains will be more gradual and less noticable and that is actually a positive thing for some people.

#6. Water retention will be less than on a regular cycle


Good gains for the duration "on".
Actual poundage gained will depend on how developed you are now. If you are not well developed yet then the gains will be very good. I have seen 8 pounds kept from a two week cycle.
Well developed men that have been lifting for years should expect more modest gains although several pounds of solid muscle can be gained in as little as two weeks and that would take a year to gain training naturally for many advanced men.

Good and rapid recovery of HPTA especially after two weekers


They will not get you WAY above your natural maximum weight/developement even if done for years.
They will not get you really big gains in a single cycle like 12 weekers can.
They will not get you "noticed" in a short time...may be a positive for some men.


The very short cycles of 2-3 weeks should be done ONLY with short acting/clearing injectables, and orals. You want to get hormone levels up right away and then you want them to clear soon after stopping. Long acting esters prolong a cycle due to long half lives.

Front loading of injectables is a very good get hormone levels up fast.
Doses should be fairly big and strong gear needs to be used for the best results, although you can use what you wish to here.
I recommend larger doses for short cycles than for long cycles.


Two weeker #1.

d-bol 50mg a day in 3-5 divided doses and for 14 days.
Tren 150mg on day one and then 75mg/day for 12- 13 days.

Clomid at 200-300mg in divided doses on day 15 and then 50-100/day for a week and then 50 a day for two more weeks.
OR....Nolva at 80-100mg on day one in divided doses and then 20-40mg/day for a week and then 20/day for two more weeks.

HCG every 3rd day at 500units while "on" . HCG is optional on this cycle as time "on" is short and little if any testicular shrikage will occur.

Nolva on hand for gyno

Two weeker #2

Test prop at 300mg on day one and then 100-150mg per day through day 12. Tren 150 on day one and then 75 a day through day 12. Clomid or nolva as above starting day 15.

Estrogen inhibitor is optional as is HCG

Nolva on hand for gyno

Two weeker #3 (advanced)

Test prop, tren as above PLUS d-bol 50mg/day through day 14.
Nolva on hand for gyno

May want an estrogen inhibitor with d-bol and test prop


Use the same hormones and doses as above...just extend the time "on" .
HCG use might be a good idea for 4 weekers but not that important unless you start doing many 4 "on" 4 "off" cycles in a row as testicular atrophy might become an issue with this schedule.


I still think rapid acting /clearing gear is best for a 4 weeker. You want to get in as quick as possible the make your gains and get the hell out as quick as possible.

Front loading is more important with longer acting estered injectables.

Test cyp or enanthate 800mg on day one more than 2-3 cc in any one site.
EQ at 800mg on day one as above.
Then 400mg each on day 3 and every 3rd day after that. Last shot about day 15.
Tren 75/day through day 27
d-bol 50/day in 3-5 divided doses through day 28
Will probably like an estrogen inhibitor
HCG 500 iu's every 3rd day while "on"
Clomid or nolva as above starting on day 29.

NEWBIE FIRST STEP CYCLE(you can try any of the non advanced cycles above too)

D-bol 50mg/day in 3-5 divided doses for 14 days. Clomid or Nolva as above


Test prop 100mg/day for 2-3 weeks and then Clomid 2 days after last shot.


Test cyp or enanthate 500mg on day one and then 250 three days latter and 250 every 3 days after that . Last shot day 21 Clomid or nolva two weeks latter as above.


Always practise time "on" = time "off" with your steroid use, at least.

You can get very good gains from several 2 "on" 2 "off" cycles in a row. If you do more than 3 of these cycles in a row then I would recommend HCG use during the time "on"

Two "on" with four weeks off can be done all year round as you are "on" only for a third of the year.

Four weeks "on" with 5-6 weeks off is a nice way to go and produces very good gains.

* Check out my comments in follow up posts on this thread in regard to training frequency while on these short cycles.


I have had very good success normalizing my lipid profile with 2 grams of non flush naicin/day in divided doses while "off" and I recommend this for rapid normalization of your hdl post cycle.
I have done up to 5 grams of non flush nicain while "on" and it has done NOTHING...nor has it helped my brother-in-law or training partner while "on" steroids.

*Regular niacin will give you big time ichy flushing spells after taking the tabs....AND IT CAN BE HARD ON THE LIVER if doses about 1.5 grams are taken.

I recommend a good mega multi Vit and extra anti oxidants like E, C, Selenium, carotenes, as well as essential fats like odu's oil(omega 3&6 combo oil) all the time, and especailly while "on".

NOTE: The healthy liver will not be damaged by 50mg of d-bol a day for up to 4 weeks unless you drink alcohol more than moderately.
If you are on acutane for acne then scip any 17aa roids like d-bol.

By RealGains