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    Default Masters Bikini veteran proves age is just a number

    Masters Bikini veteran proves age is just a number
    Doing well at 60!

    by: Shayne Stubbs, Sports Reporter - Published Wednesday, August 31, 2016

    Bikini Master Sharon Bethel shows off the hardware with Sawyer's Fresh Market Owner and sponsor Sandy Sawyer.

    Sharon Bethel recently took part in the Bahamas Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation (BBFF) National Championship show this past weekend over in New Providence.

    Bethel is no stranger to the stage. At 60-years old she left the Melia Nassau Beach Resort with second place finishes in the Women’s Masters Bikini category, and the women’s open bikini D-Class division.

    Being in the fitness industry for as long as she has it was only natural that she became a certified personal trainer and also a nutrition consultant. Bethel noted that she has trained at the World Fitness Association in Florida.

    Currently, Bethel serves as a gym instructor for employees at the Freeport Container Port.

    It’s been five years since Bethel competed in a competition. She first made her return at the BBFF Northern Bahamas Show back in July. The veteran took second place in the women’s open bikini E-Class.

    Speaking with The Freeport News Bethel noted she entered the shows without any thought of coming away with any trophies.

    “I only went in the competition because some of my friends was telling that I should go in it. I didn’t feel like I was prepared because I don’t train as hard as I used to and to be honest I only went into it for the fun. It’s something I love to do. It didn’t matter if I won anything,” Bethel admitted, “I honestly didn’t go for a trophy. I really went to motivate the older women and let them see that age is just a number and that anybody can get fit. But it requires a lot of discipline. As you go along and understand how food works with your workouts it makes it easier.”

    From her viewpoint, the sport is on the move and the job that the new federation is doing has really impressed Bethel.

    “The new president, Mr. Joel Stubbs, he’s a pro because he already got his pro card. And because there is a new federation under Mr. Joel Stubbs a lot of people are coming back and everybody is happy and working as a team. So it is growing because the show we had over here was one of the biggest shows I think they ever really had.”

    One key method of exercising is resistance training according to Bethel. This method not only slows down the aging process but also helps in fighting against heart disease, hypertension and diabetes.

    Knowing that the gym may not be for everyone, Bethel said, she has encouraged people along the way to find a sport that they enjoy doing. While not a believer in diets, Bethel relayed that moderation is the most important thing.

    “I believe in changing the way you eat certain things. You could cut back on sodas, sugar, fried foods and white foods that would help you out tremendously.”

    She also broke down that going to the gym is something that’s not needed every day based on what an individual is trying to achieve. For example, she noted that a person overweight should do as much cardio as possible.

    Competitors will be the first to tell you that trying to find the funds needed to compete could be difficult. Backed by Sandy Sawyer, owner of Sawyer’s Fresh Market, Bethel was able to afford what she needed ahead of her competitions.

    “Without him it wouldn’t have been possible because it’s very expensive, even the food alone. You have to eat like chicken breast, salmon, tilapia, you need your fresh broccoli, spinach, egg whites and protein shakes’ stuff like that is very expensive. Then, these swimsuits cost money now because they’re going professional. So a special thank you to him because without him it could not have been done.”

    This daily is expected to catch up with the rest of the Grand Bahama competitors, so look forward to hearing from them later on this week.

    Published Wednesday, August 31, 2016
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    Looks great from what I can see.
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