Sometimes it just takes a fine tuning to get to the next level!


PHOTO: supplied Francisca Labuschagne at the championships in Durban.

MARGATE bodybuilder and bikini* model Francisca Labuschagne* (30) has been chosen to take part in the provincial International* Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships in Durban on 4 September.

Labuschagne came second in the bikini fitness regional phase in Durban at the Playhouse Theatre on 21 August.
She said it takes many years for bodybuilders to accomplish what she has after only starting training six months ago.
“Since I started training my life has changed in so many ways. I had to learn to put my social life aside and follow a very strict diet.”

Labuschagne trains two to five hours a day, six days a week.
“I signed up with a fitness coach in Durban and she trained me online.
“She sends me my diet plan and training schedule and all I do is send her photos, weight and centimetre charts every week.”
Online training is booming at the moment she said because it is easier.
“I do an hour cardio in the morning and weight training in the afternoon.
“My diet changes every week and as I get closer to the competition [date] everything* is ready, bikini, shoes, jewellery* and spray tans.
“I feel as though I am getting ready for Miss South Africa.”
In just six months’ training she jumped the novice competitions and entered this IFBB provincials competition.