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    Medical question re HRT

    So my bad luck with my abdominal issues continues, May 25th had a colon resection then 3 wks later went back to hospital w severe abdominal pain turns out had blood clots in both intestines and liver. Spent 10 nights in hospital. I see a hematologist (blood DR) in a week to see why the blood...
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    Drugs n Stuff 84: Steroid QA. Dave Crosland and Scott McNally. Switching esters during a cycle - Does it even matter? 13:30 ULG for TRT? Low Estrogen on T400 and Deca First cycle cutting from 300 lbs Nolvadex - Will clotting issues happen long term or just during use? Supplements for Crohn’s...
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    anavar and blood clotting

    I have been reading up a lot on anavar lately because my wife might take a cycle to help tone up. One thing that i have found is that it causes blood clotting. My wife has had issues in the past and is going to the doc next week to see if this is a problem. My question here is has anyone come...