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    As we prepare for the coming of summer and its warmer weather... You might be making your way to family barbecues, outings to the lake or beach, or any of the other enjoyable activities we usually take part in at this time of year. And with all of that enjoyment, it's even more crucial to take...
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    The Risks of Dehydration

    <tbody> <tbody> <tbody class="kmTextBlockOuter"> <tbody> The Real Effects Of Dehydration 😔Whether you're a weekend warrior or a high school athlete, we all have one need in common: hydration. It's essential to understand the signs of dehydration and how to stay on the top of your game. Let's...
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    Hydration - Are You Doing It Right?

    Hydration is something that gets talked about a lot, especially in those who are interested in improving their health. When most people are talking about hydration or giving advice on hydration, you may often hear things like: “make sure you’re getting enough fluids”, or “make sure you drink...
  4. drtbear1967

    Dehydration and Insulin Sensitivity

    This study found that subjects who were dehydrated at 2.5- and 5% of their bodyweights had higher insulin levels following exercise. Dehydration can reduce insulin sensitivity which can impair muscle growth and overall gains. Drink 16oz of water before and after your workout and shoot for at...
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    Get in the Water!!!

    The Importance of Water for the Bodybuilder We know already that 70% of the Earth is covered in water. Even a significant portion of land on this planet is covered in ice which is water that is frozen. We’ve been told that drinking X amount of 8oz. glasses a day for optimum health is...
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    CSAC Vid on Dehydration

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    The importance of hydration in bodybuilders

    Hydration can be forgotten by bodybuilders, who may think that diet and exercise are the only things to think about. Hydration is important to your performance and results though, so read on to learn why. A single day of moderate dehydration can drastically effect your strength, your hormones...