1. jimbosmith316

    Keep Your Immunity in Check

    Immunity is a critical factor in bodybuilding as a robust immune system supports consistent training, recovery, and overall performance. Here’s how immunity and bodybuilding intersect: 1. **Balanced Nutrition:** Adequate nutrition is vital for both immunity and bodybuilding. A well-balanced...
  2. drtbear1967

    Flex Lewis on Death of Luke Sandoe

    flex_lewis I have tried to write something several times and can’t find the words to do it. It feels like DejaVu two young men gone long before they should have. - I have known Luke for over a decade we were both sponsored by Gaspari, seen him win his pro card and watch his career grow into...
  3. drtbear1967

    How Technology will change fitness

    by Matt Weik When you look at all of the things we can do today compared to 10 or even 20 years ago, you can’t help but have your mind blown. Who would have thought that in our pocket we would literally be carrying around a mini computer where we can accomplish almost anything by simply typing...
  4. Ox 51

    Joel Embiid Illness Costs Sixers

    The Philadelphia 76ers got blown out last night by the Toronto Raptors, 125-89. Joel Embiid, who has been battling illness for the past few days managed only 13 points and 6 rebounds, to go along with 8 turnovers! Meanwhile Toronto had six players score in double digits and coasted to a 3-2...
  5. Ox 51

    Auburn Players Battle Illness

    Cassandra Negley,Yahoo Sports•April 5, 2019 With the men’s Final Four one day away, the Auburn Tigers have more to deal with than the top-ranked team in the bracket. At least three players are battling illness heading into the No. 5 ranked team’s match-up against No. 1 Virginia. It was a...
  6. drtbear1967

    Testosterone and Depression

    Here's what you need to know... Doctors prescribe any one of a number of drugs to treat mental illnesses. The most effective drug, however, may actually be testosterone. Doctors are over-prescribing drugs to the point where they're even recommending antidepressants to combat normal mood...
  7. Iron Game

    When you get sick in the middle of a cycle?

    When you get sick in the middle of a cycle. We are in the middle of flu season. I figure this article can help if you get sick mid steroid cycle and still want to maximize your results/usage. It happened to me it can happen to anyone. Bill Roberts Q: “What should I do if I get sick during...
  8. akn

    What to Do When an Illness Interrupts a Steroid Cycle

    Q: “What should I do if I get sick during a cycle and can’t train properly or my body obviously just doesn’t have the energy to gain? If I decide to cut the cycle short, should I continue to at least use something, maybe a lower dose, to avoid losing my gains? I don’t have any pressing date...