Just a quick selfie this morning after climbing out of bed at 4:15 to get my day started... I've been exclusively running YOURMUSCLESHOP GEAR for over a year now and LOVING the results. They definitely have the BEST DAMN PRODUCTS IN THE MARKET!! 56yrs young by the way, work 6 days a week at my...
  2. LeatherHead

    Which SARM

    So years ago on here, we had a discussion about tren and night sweats. It was found that there is a sarm that stops them. I can't remember if it was ligandrol, S7, or what. I know that I started taking it and the night sweats stopped. I just can't remember for the life of me, which one it was...
  3. yourmuscleshop

    How’s your bodybuilding journey started?

    How’s your bodybuilding journey started? Join our Telegram Group for exclusive deals & Promotional Offers : Telegram: Contact @YourMuscleShop “A Premium Quality Brand”
  4. F

    Muscle Chem IGF-1 lr3 product review

    Ok , here we go. I haven’t ran Mc igf in years and let me tell you it’s legit! Running 20mcg e.d Also anti-es along with rad 140 10mgs e.d Started gains in about a week. 10mgs this stuff rocks stacked me igf and my hrt 200 wk
  5. J

    Muscle Chemistry Igf lr3 welt at inj site

    Hey I bought M.C. 10 meg pack for 400.00 I have kept it refrigerated I started a cycle the other day and give myself a shot of 40mcg in the stomach which has resulted in a big welt at inj site I shot a 30 gauge 1/2 slin pin anyone else have similar issues with their Igf-lr3? I thought you could...
  6. Stickler*

    Creatine after 15 years

    I can't remember the last time I took Creatine. Well, that's not true. I started the front loading phase today. So far, no Creatine shits or Creatine fake outs. Is that still a thing or has it been better refined since my last Creatine usage?
  7. M

    Adequan saved me from surgery

    Stage 4 osteoarthritis in knee. Bone on bone. Orthopedic surgeon said no choice other than a replacement. Pain clinic thought a nerve block might help but the knee is too far gone for their other treatments. Two weeks ago I found two vials of Adequan from before my dog died. I’m on my fifth...
  8. MegaDaveMustang

    Naps Contest Order TD

    Hello all, just wanted to mention the Naps contest order has been received with no issues. Good packaging, customer service and quick T/A at 6 days including non-business days. It will be a while before I'll be able to update on product effectiveness as I started my current cycle just the day...
  9. Metal85

    Now Shirts----2 part question

    Over a decade ago Tilly's sold a MMA style sleeveless Jersey (SoCal, Lost, Skin, Torque, etc). They were around 50-60 bucks. I realized I have had 4 for roughly 12 years and all of them look brand NEW still aka unbelievable & all work well for ppl that lift. I can not find these anywhere (Minus...
  10. Steroidify Rep

    🧪 Lab Test Bot officially started! 🧪

    BIG ANNOUNCEMENT From the Sterodify team we are proud to announce our new bot, thanks to this bot you will be able to: ❗️Consult the lab tests of your favorite brands 🔝. ❗️Always be up to date with the most recent lab tests to know the quality of the product 💯. ❗️It will be updated...
  11. Metal85

    Update 3 weeks into TRT

    OK so back on real shit again I started w a loading dose of 2ml of test cyc next week 1.5ml this last week 1.25ml 1 shot a week. Libido almost back to crazy My eyes are no longer burning every day from being so overly lethargic. More motivation to do every/anything. I never want to be off...
  12. Metal85

    Please put some input on Heavy use to TRT to no use

    Alright guys I started using a TRT level & used to make my own tren when I was 19. At 19 I did 2 cycles. Off for a couple years, I had naturally very high Test & libido those years so I never saw or noticed a difference when I went off bc I was still growing & I could have cum 12 times in a day...
  13. Steroidify Rep

    🤗 Pharmacom Labs is Back in Stock 🤗

    Steroidify is proud to be collaborating with Pharmacom Labs once again. A relationship that started in 2008. A long awaited addition to our 1500+ product list, finally here. Steroidify - Official PHARMA Worldwide Distributor since 2008
  14. Presser

    Sarm Sciences RAD-140 Review – Testolone Dosage, Results, Cycle & Side-Effects

    Sarm Sciences RAD-140 Review – Testolone Dosage, Results, Cycle & Side-Effects Fact checked by Montgomery Connolly, BHSc FACT CHECKED rad-140RAD-140 testolone, are you also tired of hearing this word again and again in your bodybuilding circle ? Do you want to know about the results of...
  15. Dean Destructo

    Winny/Var/T-bol Cut Cycle

    Started out Winny/Anavar cycle right now I am at 50mg Var, 30mg Tbol, 30mg winny
  16. Metal85

    Alright badass series to watch

    K, I ate, and im back to normal lol If you guys haven't seen Ray Donovan yet, watch that shit!!! I am about to restart mid-seasons bc I frgot where I left off. I stopped watching it when the Firesticks started having to be updated every month to stream
  17. A

    8 weeks on progress

    So family I am back with my dumb opinions, questions,. On for 8 weeks now , first 4 weeks were shitty as was not using AI and hit by lump but that's resolved now , so now I am on 750 test/ 400 npp / 0.125 mcg prami, 25 mg aroma on pin days else 12.5 , diet is very strict high protein...
  18. L

    My gH My Results

    I'm into my 7th week of taking HgH and the results are really not good. I started taking 2iu in the am and 2iu in the pm for 2 weeks then went to 3iu for week 3 and for week 4,5,6 and now week 7 taking 4iu. I've noticed nothing. No change in BF no strength gains, not even any hand/wrist pain...
  19. drtbear1967

    Landmine row gym hack

    This is just a small gym hack for the landmine row that I found out months after I first started training that completely changed how I performed the exercise. - 1. Use multiple smaller plates instead of the big 45lbs/20kg plate as this will allow you to bring the bar close to you, increasing...
  20. drtbear1967

    IGF-Lr3 and bad shoulder

    Been rehabbing a bad shoulder for the last couple of weeks. Started to add IGF at 100mcg per day. Shoulder pain has greatly reduced and feeling much better. Just have to take it easy for a few more weeks. This stuff is the real deal.