1. jimbosmith316

    Alcohol in Bodybuilding

    Alcohol and bodybuilding aren't the best combo. While having a drink occasionally might not completely derail your progress, excessive alcohol consumption can interfere with your fitness goals. Alcohol can affect muscle recovery, protein synthesis, and hormone levels, potentially slowing down...
  2. jimbosmith316

    Water Consumption

    Water plays a crucial role in bodybuilding and overall fitness. Staying hydrated is essential for optimal muscle function, recovery, and performance. Here's how water is important in bodybuilding: 1. **Muscle Function:** Muscles are composed of about 70-75% water. Proper hydration is necessary...
  3. N

    Napsgear NapsGear : Ready…Set…Sweat! New Year’s Resolution Fitness Guide

    This New Year, make a commitment to health and fitness. Learn the basics of starting your own workout routine and get ready to sweat with these helpful tips! So you want to get fit this year? Great! But before you can even think about starting your workout routine, there are a few things you...
  4. Exo-Gen

    Current Status

    When looking for a sponsor, you always look for reviews, quality, pricing, and how fast it comes! Let’s face it, you order and you want it ASAP! That’s the truth! i understand that and agree. the old days of waiting are over. there is already a fear to order from someone new and online let's...
  5. Boomer

    Tren or food ?

    Whats your opinion. So I have been on test and tren for about 7 weeks. Strength is great aggression in the gym is good but my appetite sucks ass... Tren has killed it. I can barely force feed myself and when I do I get bloated straight away and can not eat anymore. Not to mention can not...
  6. Presser

    Login or Staying Logged In issues Have Been FIXED! Please Reply to this thread if you have questions

    I have deactivated the entire cache plugin, and the problem with logging in is fixed , as is your posts not showing up right away, and a few other things for which we likely only needed to add a couple page rules to fix, but fuck it, time was of the essence after hearing from some of you today...
  7. 9

    Jon Jones staying positive before UFC 232

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  8. D

    Arthritis pain

    Just want to let you know that it's been a month that I've been on IGF and Ligandrol.Ive been feeling better and stronger since I've started.The only side effect that I got from it was the arthritis pain which seems to be normal from what I've read in the forums so I'm not worried being that...
  9. drtbear1967

    Plasma Blast / BCAA Review

    I have been taking my Plasma Blast for the last week and I am pleased with the results. I had never taken a Intra Workout product and this has been a game changer. My muscles are staying fuller and even after a hard workout, I am not getting sore. If you haven’t tried this product you are...
  10. Boomer

    6 months + cycle opinions

    What are your thoughts on staying cycle for 6 months or more... Previously I've stayed on for 4 months and didn't see as much gains towards the end more maintained what I had after 3monts... but in saying that I didn't switch compounds. This time I'm thinking of switching compounds and staying...
  11. 3J

    Bulking doesnt mean gettin fat!! Client B&A PIC!

    You dont have to get fat while bulking, here is a prime example of a 3Js Nutrition Network client that has gone from 172lbs to 224lbs in 14 months while staying lean! Thats 52lbs! With proper nutrition and training protocol you can keep fat at bay as well!! Contact me at...
  12. Sober_woder

    Suggestions on 3rd cycle? I wanna be lean through this one!

    I've added 20lb over the last 2 cycles (7 months) I'm currently in pct and looking to get ideas for a great summertime cycle. Athletic performance and staying lean are my priorities. No more bulking until the bulky clothes come back out!
  13. freakinthegym

    Musclechemistry IGF

    so im 8wks out from my next show and just placed a order for some MC igf , i cant wait ! it help so much last year when cutting down, while staying full:thumbsup: