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This is another study showing the importance of all 9 EAA for muscle protein synthesis. Interestingly, the authors reported that ∼20 g of isolated egg protein (containing ∼8.6 g EAAs and ∼1.7 g leucine) stimulated muscle protein synthesis after resistance exercise above that observed with both 5 g and 10 g of protein but was not further stimulated with ingestion of 40 g of protein, indicating that 20 g of egg protein is saturating for muscle protein synthesis after resistance exercise! The reason why is bc of the EAA ratios found in egg protein that only 20g was a saturating dose for maximum MPS. I used this paper, along with 2 others when coming up with the specific dosing of all 9 EAA in the @chemixlifestyle EAA product. I cannot stress enough how important EAA(whether from food or supplement) are for building muscle tissue and recovering from exercise. More data has shown that EAA also are regulating amino acid transporters during specific pathways for MPS, such as Akt-mTOR pathway.