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NPC Nationals Mens Classic Physique and Womens Physique Backstage Video

NPC Rule Change

NPC Nationals Mens Classic Physique and Womens Physique Backstage Video

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November 26, 2019

At the NPC National Board Of Governor’s Meeting held at the 2019 NPC National Championships, a New Rule was enacted in regard ALL United States Valid Green Card Holders. Starting in 2020, All United States Valid Green Card Holders Are Permitted to compete in ALL NPC National Level, IFBB Professional League Qualifying Contests here in the United States to earn an opportunity to qualify for the IFBB Professional League.

That means the following contests can now be entered;

-NPC Junior USA Championships

-NPC Junior National Championships

-NPC Universe Championships / NPC National Fitness Championships

-NPC Masters National Championships

-NPC USA Championships

-NPC North American Championships

-NPC National Championships

NOTE: You may be asked to provide a copy of your Valid Green Card for verification to enter these competitions.

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