Dolly Clew, Cage Warriors Just three fights into his pro MMA career, undefeated Irish prospect Ian Garry is already garnering a lot of attention. Despite his lack of experience, heís already been touted as a potential UFC call-up when the promotion heads back to Dublin.
A seasoned amateur boxer and judo practitioner, the young Dubliner said heíd accept an offer to compete in the octagon at any point. But until then, he still has a lot of goals he wants to accomplish with Cage Warriors.
ďThere is a little plan in place,Ē Garry told MMA Fightingís Eurobash podcast. ďI donít really care about what my record gets to...well, Iím not getting beaten, thatís for sure. Letís just get that out of the way Ė itís not happening. It wonít matter if Iím 5-0, 6-0 or 12-0, [and] it doesnít matter how fast or slow my career goes. I know Iím going to get [to the UFC]. I want to win that [Cage Warriors] welterweight title. Thatís going to happen.Ē
Garryís goals arenít exclusive to one division, however. He said heíd also like to claim a title previously held by Team KF head coach Chris Fields and his stablemate James Webb.
ďIím a big boy Ė Iím 6-foot-3, and Iím 22 years of age,Ē he said. ďIím not light, letís put it that way. I would love to go up. Obviously, depending on how the circumstances are with the welterweight division and whoís at the top of it, I wouldnít mind going up and challenging for [the middleweight] title and winning that, as well.
ďThereís a certain attraction to it with Chris and James having held the middleweight title. I wouldnít mind moving up and making a little trilogy for the club.Ē
That being said, the Irish prospect said a call-up to the UFC will trump all title opportunities with Cage Warriors.
ďIf the UFC comes calling for me when Iím 6-0, and I havenít won the title, Iím going. Thatís the way I look at it: Iím not turning down that opportunity.Ē
Check out Ian Garryís debut appearance on Eurobash. It begins at 1:03:00.

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