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Thread: Concentration / Focus / Fatigue - BCAA drink / coffee / nootropics?

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    Default Concentration / Focus / Fatigue - BCAA drink / coffee / nootropics?

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    I am oversleeping while on cycle. I've dropped the tren, its better just on test, but still not 100%.

    I need to actually get up and not feel ill and have to go back to sleep again. This is eating up half my day already and really needs to stop asap. I did try force getting up and ended up feeling sick and dizzy so had to sleep again.

    I also need to be able to focus for ~8 hours on work. It is all computer based. I find myself constantly distracted and

    I take normal vitamins etc daily but its not enough. I was considering nootropics but idk which one is good. Perhaps a good BCAA drink can give me a focus and boost?
    I need to be able to crank out the work and then hit the gym then I can come home and crash.

    Any suggestions are welcome!

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    B12 INJECTIONS PERHAPS? Im not super familiar with things like noopept and all the various nootropics out there, but im certain one of those would do the trick, which im not sure
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