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Thread: Lasix

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    Default Lasix

    LASIX -

    Lasix is not a hormone compound but a diuretic. It belongs to the group of saluretics and to be exact is a loop diuretic. Its effect consists of distinctly increased excretion of sodium, chloride, potassium, and water. A very important characteristic which must be absolutely monitored with loop diuretics is the reabsorbtion of potassium ions, sodium ions, and chloride ions. This causes a considerable disturbance of the electrolyte household. Due to its intense effect on water excretion Lasix is used for treatment of edema~ and high blood pressure. Bodybuilders use Lasix shortly before a compe-tition to excrete excessive, mostly subcutaneous, water so that they appear hard, defined, and ripped to the bone when in the limelight. The effect of tablets begins within an hour and continues for 3-4 hours. Depending on how much water is still in the athlete's body he must have more or less frequent access to a restroom. This can cause a considerable weight loss within a very short time. For this reason, athletes often use Lasix to lose weight and to compete in a lower weight class. Athletes usually prefer the oral form of the compound. Bodybuilders occasionally use the injectable and intravenous version the morning of the competition since it becomes immediately effective when the athlete, due to a more or less strongly re-maining water film, begins to panic. This, however, can also produce the opposite effect. That is, the muscles become small and flat; the athlete loses vascularity, and has no pump during warm-up when during a very short time too much water and minerals are lost. It is thus possible that some pro or top amateur shortly before the beginning of a competition as a last countermeasure is seen with a bag of glucose solution being injected intravenously so that the blood volume rises again. In order to compensate for the potassium loss many athletes take potassium chloride tablets. This, however, involves a certain risk since an overdose of potassium can cause cardiac arrest. In our experience, Lasix is taken in the last two days before a competition.

    The amount of the dosage, the duration of application, and the intervals of intake usually depend on the diuretic effect or the athlete's shape. Bodybuilders usually take a half or whole 40 mg tablet and wait to see what happens. Some repeat this procedure once or twice in an interval of a few hours. Lasix is the strongest diuretic and the most dangerous compound in bodybuilders' arsenal of medicine. Side effects can include circulatory disturbances, dizziness, dehydration, muscle cramps, vomiting, circulatory collapse, diarrhea, and fainting. In extreme cases cardiac arrest is possible. Extreme caution is advised when athletes who are already substantially drained and dehydrated continue their loop diuretic treatment with a "make it or die atti-tude," or even continue the intake altogether with a completely reduced liquid intake. ATTENTION: The 500 mg tablet version must not be used under any circumstances by persons with a normal kidney function. Loop diuretics are prescription drugs and are only available in pharmacies. The compound Lasix by Hoechst Company, for example, is sold in packages containing 20 tablets of 40 mg each and costs about $10.

    Substance: furosemide
    Trade Names:
    Diural 5, 10, 20, 40, 250, 500 mg tab. I- DK, NO
    Diurapid 40/500 40, 500 mg tab.; Jenapharm G
    Durafurid 40 mg tab.; Durachemie-G
    Fumarenid (o.c.) 40 mg tab.; Brenner-Efeka G
    Furanthril 40, 500 mg tab.; Medphano G
    Furo-Puren (o.c.) 40 mg tab.; Klinge-Natterm. Puren G
    Furo-ratiopharm long (o.c.) 30 mg cap. ratiopharm G
    Furomex 40 mg tab.; Orion CZ
    Furomin 40 mg tab.; Merckle Fl
    Furon 40 mg tab,; Merckle
    Furonet 40 mg tab,; Nettopharma DK
    Furorese (o.c.) 40 mg tab, 500 mg tab.; Hexal G
    Furosemid 40 mg tab.; Polfa PL
    Furosemid DAK 5, 10, 20, 40, 500 mg tab.; Nycomed dak DK
    Furosemid "Genericon" 40 mg tab.; Genericon Pharma A
    Furosemid "Lannacher" 40 mg tab.; Lannacher Heilmittel A
    Furosemid NM Pharma 25, 40, 500 mg tab.; NM Pharma S
    Furosemid pharmagen 40 mg tab.; Pharmavit HU
    Furosemid slovakofarma 40, 250 mg tab.; Slovakofarma CZ
    Furosemid tab 20, 40, 500 mg tab.; Orion No
    Furosemid 40 Heumann 40 mg tab.; Heumann G
    Furosemid 40 Stada (o.c.) 40 mg tab.; Stadapharm G
    Furosemid-ratiopharm(o.c.) 40, 500 mg tab.; ratiopharm G
    Furosemide 20, 40, 80 mg tab.; Steris U.S.
    Furosemide 20, 40, 80 mg tab.; Schein U.S.
    Furosemide 20, 40, 80 mg tab.; Mylan U.S.
    Furosemide (o.c.) 10, 20, 40, 80 mg tab.; Huffman U.S.
    Furosemide 10, 20, 40, 80 mg tab.; Pharmed Group U.S.
    Furosemide 20,40, 80 mg tab.; Lederle U.S.
    Furosemide (o.c.) 20,40, 80 mg tab.; Pharmafair U.S.
    Furosemide (o.c.) 20,40, 80 mg tab.; Warner Chilcott U.S.
    Furosemide (o.c.) 20,40, 80 mg tab.; Barr Labs U.S.
    Furosemide (o.c.) 20,40, 80 mg tab.; Martec U.S.
    Furosemide (o.c.) 20,40, 80 mg tab.; Squibb U.S
    Furosifar 40 mg tab. Inpharzam CZ
    Fursemid tbl 40 mg tab.; Belupo CZ
    Fusid 40 mg tab.; Sanofi Winthrp, G
    Hydro-rapid Tablinen(o.c.) 40 mg tab.; Sanorania G
    Impugan 40, 500 mg tab.; Dumex DK
    Impugan 40 mg tab.; Dumex NO, CH
    Jenafusid (o.c.) 40 mg tab.; Jenapharm G
    Lasix 20 mg tab.; Hoechst DK, BG, 1, GB,U.S.; Mylan Pharm. U.S, Roxa
    Lasix 25 mg tab.; Hoechst I
    Lasix 30 mg tab.; Hoechst GR, B, S, DK, Fl, A, NO
    Lasix 40 mg tab.; Hoechst G, B, S,- DK, BG, FI, A, NO, NL, GR, U.S.;
    Lasix 60 mg tab.; Hoechst S, DK, FI, NL, NO
    Lasix 80 mg tab.; Hoechst A, U.S. Mylan Pharm. U.S. Roxane Labs U.S.
    Lasix 500 mg tab.; Hoechst G, I, CH, NL, GR, S,GB, A
    Odemase (o.c.) 40 mg tab.; Azupharma G
    Seguril 40 mg tab.; Hoechst ES
    Semid 40 mg tab.; Erfar GR
    Sigasalur 40 mg tab.; Siegfried G
    Trofurit 40 mg tab.; Chinoin CZ
    Vesix 40 mg tab.; Benzon Fl
    Vesix retard 30, 60, 120 mg tab.; Benzon Fl
    Vesix special 500 mg tab.; Benzon Fl
    Injection solutions: Durafurid 20 mg/2 ml; Durachemie G
    Furanthril 20 mg/2 ml; Medphano G
    Furon 20 mg/2 ml; Merckle A
    Furorese (o.c.) 40 mg/4ml; Hexal G
    Furosemid biotika forte inj. 125 mg/10 ml; Biotika CZ
    Furosemid biotika inj. 20 mg/2 ml; Biotika CZ
    Furosemid inf kons 10 mg/1 ml; Orion No
    Furosemid inj. 20 mg/2 ml; Chinoin HU
    Furosemid NM Pharma 10 mg/1 nil; NM Pharma 5
    Furosemid-ratiopharm (o.c.) 20 mg/2 ml,- ratiopharm G
    F ratiopharm 250 inf 250 mg/25 ml; Merckle CZ
    Furosemid Stada (o.c.) 20 mg/2 ml; Stadapharm G
    Furosemide 20 mg/2rnl, 40 mg/4 ml; 100 mg/10 nil; Elkins-Sirin U.S.
    Furosemide 20 mg/2 ml; 40 mg/4 ml; 80 Mg/8ml, 100 mg/10 ml; Astra Pharm. U.S.
    Furosemide 10 mg/1 ml, 20 mg/2 ml; 40 mg/4 ml; Huffinan U.S.
    Furosemide (o.c.) 20 mg/2 ml, 40 mg/4 ml; Warner Chilcott U.S.
    Fusid 20 mg/2 ml; Sanofi Winthrop G
    Impugan 10 mg/1 ml; Dumex DK, CH
    Lasix 10 mg/1 ml; Hoechst S, DK, NO, NL, U.S.
    Lasix 20 mg/2 ml; Hoechst G, A, CH, 1, U.S.
    Lasix 40 mg/4 ml, Hoechst G, A, CH, U.S.
    Lasix 250 mg/25 ml; Hoechst G, 1, GB, A
    Lasix Oral Solution 10 mg/1 ml 60/120 ml; Hoechst U.S.
    Semid 20 mg/2 ml; Erfar GR
    Trofurit 20 mg/2 ml; Chinoin CZ
    Vesix 10 mg/1 ml Benzon FI

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