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Thread: Laurabolin

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    Default Laurabolin


    Laurabolin is an injectable steroid used in veterinary medicine. It is usually intended for canine use. Bodybuilders use Laurabolin since it has similarities to the other nandrolones Deca-Durabolin, Durabolin, and Anadur. The main difference between these steroids is in their durations of effect. Laurabolin is a long-term anabolic that stays active for almost four weeks. Theoretically one single injection per month would be sufficient but no athlete observes this, since such a low dosage would not have performance-enhancing characteristics. Bodybuilders inject Laurabolin at least once a week and report good results when sufficient dosages are injected. The generally observed dosage is 200-400 mg/week. The great disadvantage of Laurabolin is that this compound is only available in a strength of 50 mg/ml so that every week a total amount of 4-8 ml must be injected. Most athletes with whom we spoke usually inject 2 ml of solution twice weekly. The achieved results are similar to those found with Deca-Durabohn (see also Deca-Durabolin); the same is also true for potential side effects. Those who can get an original Deca should give Deca the preference over Laurabohn. The advantage of Laurabolin consists in its relatively low price and the fact that-unlike Deca-here are not yet any fakes. Laurabolin is available in 5, 10, and 50 ml glass vials, depending on the country of origin. The 50 ml glass vial costs between $200 and $250 on the black market. This corresponds to a price of $4 - 5 per 50 mg so that Laurabolin, in any case, is considerably cheaper tharibeca. Original Laurabolin by Intervet Company of Mexico is available in a brown glass vial with 10 ml or 50 ml solution. The label has square corners and the expiration date and batch number are clearly visible and imprinted later. Since the substance included in Laurabolin is very inexpensive it is often used when manufacturing injectable fakes.

    Substance: nandrolone laurate
    Trade Names:
    Fortabol 20 mg/ml; 10/50 ml Parfam Mcjdco
    Fortadex 25 mg/ml; 5 ml Hydro G
    Fortadex 50 mg/ml; 10/50 ml Hydro G
    Laurabolin 25 mg/mL 5/10/50 ml Vemie Veteriniir Chemic GmbH G
    Laurabolin 50 mg/mL 5/10/50 ml Vemic Veterin& Chernie GmbH G
    Laurabolin 50 mg/ml; 10/50 ml Intervet Mejdco
    Laurabolin 50 mg/ml; Werfft-Chemic A
    Laurabolin V 50 mg/ml; Intervet International NL

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