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    Default Methyltestosteron


    Methyltestosterone is an oral form of testosterone. Testosterone itself is ineffective when taken orally since the greatest part of the compound is metabolized and destroyed by the liver during the "first pass" so that at most 5-10% of the compound enters the blood and becomes effective. At a closer look methyltestosterone is a 17-alpha steroid molecule, which means that a methyl group is added to the C-17-alpha position of the molecule. Thus, methyltestosterone is not broken down and deactivated quite as fast by the liver as oral testosterone is. Still, it reaches the blood quickly and has only a low half-life time. Since methyltestosterone, in part, is reabsorbed through the mucous membrane in the mouth, this substance is also avail-able for sublingual intake. Methyltestosterone is a very potent ste-roid since it has a distinct androgenic effect. In particular, it is used to increase aggressiveness. Powerlifters and weightlifters use it be-fore a heavy workout or a competition since the increased andro-genic effect can already be noted one hour after intake and the improved aggressiveness, the increased self-esteem, and the thrust of motivation taking place allow the athlete to lift heavier weights. Those who try it will notice a quick and strong strength gain. The increase in body weight is within normal limits and is mostly due to water retention. The dosage is usually 25-50 mg/day. Methyltest is rarely taken if at all-for more than four weeks and women usually do not use it.

    Methyltestosterone is a very toxic steroid which can cause many side effects. it especially puts stress on the liver. Since this steroid strongly aromatizes, gynecomastia is one of the most common side effects. The distinct water and salt retention can also increase blood pressure. The androgenic effect results in considerable virilization symptoms in women and acne and AGGRESSIVENESS in men. It is no joking matter to be around some-one who works a lot with methyltestosterone. Effects include anti-social behavior, irritability, impatience, tantrums, and forgetfulness or light disturbances in consciousness.

    Methyltestosterone is normally readily available on the black market. It is available in tablet, dragee, or capsule form for oral, sublingual or buccal intake. Methyltestosterone is a very low priced and easily available substance. It is a welcome fact that the athlete does not have to pay much money for it. The 10 mg Androral tablets cost approx. $25 per 100 and the 25 mg version of Teston costs approx. $0.40 per tablet on the black market. The disadvantage is that methylestosterone is the substance most often used in fakes.

    Substance: methyltestosterone
    Trade Names:
    Afro 25 mg tab.; Casel TK
    Agovirin 10 mg drg.; Leciva CZ
    Android (o.c.) 5, 10, 25 mg tab.; Brown U.S.
    Android 5, 10, 25 mg tab.; ICN Pharm. U.S.
    Androral 10 mg Galenika Richer HU
    Arcosterone (o.c.) 10 mg sub.; Acrum U.S.
    Arcosterone (o.c 10, 25 mg tab.; Acrum U.S.
    Hormobin 5 mg tab.; Sahin TK
    Longivol I mg tab.; Medical S.A. ES
    Mediatric (o.c.) 10 mg tab.; cap.; Wyeth-Ayerst U.S.
    Mesteron 10 mg tab.; PoIfa Pl,
    Metandren (o.c.) 5 mg lingual drg.; Ciba U.S.
    Metandren (o.c.) 10, 25 mg tab.; Ciba U.S.
    Methyltestosterone 10 mg tab.; Goldline U.S.
    Oreton Methyl (o.c.) 10 mg tab. buccal.; Schering U.S.
    Oreton Methyl 10 mg tab.; Schering U.S.
    Teston 25 mg tab.; Remek GR
    Testormon 10 mg tab.; Unitas PT
    Testosteron 5 mg tab.; Berco G
    T Lingvalete 5 mg lingual drg.; Galenika YU
    Testovis 10 mg tab.; SIT I
    Testred 10 mg cap.; ICN U.S.
    Virilon 10 mg retard cap.; Star U.S.

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