The Milos Sarcev Story

From Elite Pro to Top Coach to the JYM Supplement Science Connection

By Ron Harris

We throw around the phrase “giving back” pretty freely, but what does it really mean? Giving back isn’t about a successful person being charitable. It’s about that person passing on the wisdom and tools so that others can forge their own path to success. Milos Sarcev was one of the bodybuilding stars of the ‘90s, an era widely considered to be the pinnacle of pro bodybuilding talent, with athletes like Dorian Yates, Flex Wheeler, Shawn Ray, Kevin Levrone, Nasser El Sonbaty, Vince Taylor and Ronnie Coleman ruling the IFBB stages. Renowned for his shape, symmetry and consistent spot-on condition, Milos also gained a reputation as one of the most knowledgeable men in the sport in the areas of training, nutrition, supplementation and PED use, so much so that he became known as “The Mind.” When Sarcev retired, he was able to shift his focus toward helping other bodybuilders realize their full potential as athletes. And most recently, the JYM Supplement Science connection.

From Skinny Serbian Kid to Superstar

Milos Sarcev was born in Serbia in 1964, the son of two medical doctors. As a child, he studied karate and then judo, training with Olympic medalists from Yugoslavia. Everything changed when he was 17 and saw pictures of Arnold, Steve Reeves, Bill Pearl, Frank Zane, Serge Nubret, Sergio Oliva and Lou Ferrigno. “Immediately, I identified with that look and decided I was going to be a champion bodybuilder too,” Milos tells us. Every day he hefted weights cobbled together from bars and concrete, pumping away for four hours. “There was zero information in Serbia at that time about bodybuilding. It was a socialist country, and no one even understood why I wanted bigger muscles. They thought it was stupid,” he recalls. Once he added in the critical factor of nutritional support and started eating (and found his way to a real gym), the gains began to come. Just as a small example of how his intellect would play a huge role in his bodybuilding success, Milos researched medical journals and determined that EAAs, or essential amino acids, could greatly aid muscle growth if used during training. This was 20 years before the supplement industry discovered their benefits. They were being used to treat kidney patients in Serbia, and young Milos stole his father’s prescription pad to get his own supply from the pharmacy!

A Workhorse of the Pro Stage

After 38 amateur contests, Milos began competing as an IFBB Pro in 1991. Today’s pros often do just one or two shows a year, but Sarcev was known to compete 10 or more times every season, eventually tallying up 72 appearances on the pro stage. “There were years when I literally did every pro show that was held,” he laughs. Though he was never the biggest man on stage, Milos always held his own with classic shape and proportions, along with a level of conditioning that only varied from great to exceptional.

Becoming a Coach – Accidentally

It was Yugoslavian native Nasser El Sonbaty who would be Milos’ first “client,” as they began working together in 1995 after two years of informal advice. Under his tutelage, Nasser, who up to that point had never won a pro show in five seasons, went on to win six, including the Night of Champions and Arnold Classic, and took a very controversial runner-up to Dorian Yates at the 1997 Mr. Olympia. In the late ‘90s, he owned and operated Koloseum Gym in Fullerton, California. Many of you know all about Oxygen Gym in Kuwait, where bodybuilders from all over the world come to grow and improve. Milos was doing the same thing nearly 20 years before in Southern California. Athletes like Dennis James, Dennis Wolf, Hide Yamagishi, Silvio Samuel, the late Luke Wood, and even Americans like Chris Cormier and Kris Dim would stay for weeks or months to be trained by Sarcev and make extraordinary mass gains. Why was Milos so successful? It can be attributed to a combination of his ultra-intense giant set-based workouts that he put the men through, along with something that at the time was still unheard of in our world: intra-workout nutrition. This in turn was based on a theory Milos had developed back in his younger days in Serbia, “The Hyperemia Advantage.” I will allow Sarcev to explain it:

“The human body has five to six liters of blood in it. At rest, only about 10-12 percent of that is inside your skeletal muscles. When you train and stimulate specific muscles, now 60-70 percent of your blood supply goes into the muscles. Can you imagine the advantage you would have if you saturated that blood with every anabolic, anti-catabolic and fat-burning substance, all ready for uptake? Every muscular contraction would open up the muscle cells so all of those could flood in. Training without doing this is like sending a plane across the Atlantic Ocean without any passengers. You’re sending all this blood to your muscles when you train, but there’s nothing in it. It’s ‘empty blood.’ Instead, why not deliver EAAs, creatine, glutamine, citrulline and so on. Instead of being catabolic, and breaking down the house, you would be anabolic, building it up.”

In more recent years, Milos has established himself as one of the most sough-after coaches in the industry, one who doesn’t merely send out programs to follow but prefers to be hands-on in person with his clients as much as possible. Evidence of this can be seen on his YouTube channel, Milos Sarcev, as he puts his clients through grueling torture sessions that almost seem to result in immediate growth. His current roster includes Classic Physique standout Logan Franklin along with open stars Regan Grimes, Samson Dauda, Mokhamed El Emam and Jamie Christian, just to name a few.

The JYM Supplement Science Connection

Recently Milos joined forces with JYM Supplement Science, a cutting-edge company owned and operated by several men he’s known and worked with for many years. “I’ve known their Chief Brand Officer, Vince Andrich, for 30 years,” he tells us. Vince had been following Sarcev’s more recent success as a coach, and he was well aware of how Milos had been the first to talk about intra-workout nutrition and its potential to accelerate muscle gains. Milos agreed to meet with JYM Supplement Science owner and founder Jim Stoppani, Ph.D., owner of the website, who had collaborated with Milos on several articles, and Mike McErlane, President/CEO and co-owner of JYM Supplement Science, a veteran of print and digital fitness media. Jim has been popular on YouTube for several years with his highly informative training and nutrition videos, and Milos and Jim will soon be collaborating on content together for the JYM Supplement Science YouTube channel and their site, Together this duo will be able to help untold thousands realize all their personal fitness and physique goals. At the initial meeting with the JYM team,Milos explained his Hyperemia Advantage theory, and it made perfect sense to all. They saw the potential to develop an innovative intra-workout product that could revolutionize training and gaining, along with highly effective pre- and post-workout products that Milos would also have a hand in developing. “I’ve been trying to spread the message of what a massive difference proper intra-workout supplementation could make for 30 years, but only now with JYM is there a real opportunity to get it out there to everyone who can benefit from it. It’s a unique opportunity no one should be missing out on, and thanks to JYM Supplement Science, soon no bodybuilder will have to ever again. Let the gains begin!”

Partnering With Milos a ‘Natural Fit’ for JYM Supplement Science

“I’ve been a fan of Milos since his days as a professional bodybuilder in the IFBB. When I was competing as an amateur bodybuilder, his was one of the physiques I tried to emulate. Then, when I was the senior science editor at FLEX and Muscle & Fitness magazines, I had the pleasure of working with Milos on publishing numerous articles that covered his training and nutrition philosophies. His concepts were supported by the science and were similar to many of mine. That’s why so many of the competitive physique athletes he coaches do so well in competition. So, it was a natural fit to partner with Milos to expand this brand to the hardcore bodybuilding enthusiast. Even though the JYM Supplement Science line is designed for hardcore athletes who want to perform and look their best, the Milos line will be for those who truly want to push the limits on muscle mass and razor-sharp definition, such as competitive bodybuilders, physique athletes, and hardcore gym rats.” -Jim Stoppani, Ph.D., owner and founder, JYM Supplement Science

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