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Joe Mackey smashes another Recrod - Hadi Choopan's latest update - Derek Lunsford can win Open Mr Olympia title - Keone is gonna stay in 212 most likely - Hunter & Terrance's response on recent deaths in bodybuilding - Behroz Tabani will compete soon provided that he is given the Visa this time

0:00 Joe Mackey's 900 lbs Deadlift
0:50 Ronnie Coleman's deadlift record
1:30 All time Deadlift Record
2:08 Hunter Labrada's take on recent deaths
3:05 Terrance's take on Recent Deaths
3:36 Derek Lunsford can Win Open Mr Olympia
4:09 Ben Pakulski's prediction
4:53 Keone Pearson will most likely stay in 212
5:57 Behroz Tabani will compete Soon
6:59 Hadi Choopan looking incredible
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