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  1. Arights guys and gals how many...
  2. doing a full cycle with (almost) no sex???
  3. Marriage Building Websites
  4. Looks or personality
  5. Hey Ladies
  6. How many people have you guys/gals slept with?
  7. HOw do you define "romantic?"
  8. ~Ou lala Baby!
  9. Tell me Tell me all the most unusal locations...
  10. ~Ou lala Baby 2
  11. Body Piercings???
  12. ~Ou lala Baby 3
  13. How many people has your partner slept with?
  14. guys, what do you honestly think a woman notices first ?
  15. Nicole !!
  16. am i the only one
  17. What's the longest you've went without sex?
  18. Suggestions or Insults?
  19. First Impressions
  20. Gettin' Down & Dirty~
  21. ~Genital Nicknames~
  22. Love Vehicle
  23. My ex g/f or b/f is a dirty slut thread!
  24. Favorite perfume and cologne.
  25. Cyber sex.
  26. Foreplay.
  27. What do you all perfer on a lady?
  28. Ever have sex...
  29. the sexiest thing in the whole world to me
  30. fun things to do
  31. The Condom Game
  32. My lack of sex thread
  33. Anal procedure
  34. Little things that get you going...
  35. Do you have any fantasies that..........
  36. GUYS! Liberate Your Cheeks!
  37. follow the rules dammit !!!!!!
  38. Thong question
  39. Would you embrace or...
  40. *kinky grin*
  41. ~Trading Places~
  42. Couples Jokes *lol*
  43. Ok lets hear your 3way stories !
  44. new girl
  45. Masturbating
  46. Sex, Drugs & Rock 'n Roll
  47. single most freaky thing you have ever done in bed ?!
  48. who has what it takes to own up to....
  49. Do you watch porn.....
  50. Differences Between Men & Women
  51. Does size matter???
  52. toys or no toys?
  53. complaints about sex
  54. What A Woman Wants In A Man
  55. How Do You Feel About Competition?
  56. Ok lets hear the best places to go w/ a sig other or one nightewr for sex
  57. Rita Rudner's Facts About Men
  58. What would you not do?
  59. Lets see Relationship ?
  60. Creative writtingskills
  61. "quickie" places !
  62. Where have you always wanted to.......
  63. hard-on in shower
  64. Is sex on the 1st date ok?
  65. Where is the "weirdest" place you've ever masturbated?
  66. Doggie Style
  67. How old were you when you finally got some?
  68. Whats the furthest you have gone in defense of your lady?
  69. Anyone ever have someone find their porn stash?
  70. Anyone else walk in on someone whacking the dumby
  71. Panty Sniffer or Not?
  72. Greetings
  73. Instrumental Sex
  74. Dictionary For Women's Personal Ads
  75. Sex with "friends"
  76. Shaved or not??
  77. what do girls want
  78. Happy or Miserable
  79. Shitty outcome,....
  80. my girfriend has an orgasm
  81. Sex, or Something Else???
  82. Little gestures
  83. PARIS HILTON...mmmmmmmm
  84. Cheating
  85. favorite position
  86. What's one thing a girl could do
  87. What kind of outfits would turn you on?
  88. Locker Room Memory
  89. Sex...
  90. Relationship drabble
  91. tounge rings hurt
  92. How many men's womens have "toys"
  93. Weird Sex names
  94. most times you have orgasmed
  95. 3 ways
  96. what is your favorite body part?
  97. joke
  98. just had to post this
  99. 10 ways not to get laid
  100. stripper
  101. sleep naked..
  102. What is the biggest turn off
  103. For the guys and the gals
  104. What kind of fetish do u have?
  105. Morning Alarm clock
  106. I have to b the horniest person alive
  107. just jokes
  108. Its my first time
  109. NaUgHtY PoEmS
  110. can you belive it
  111. what attracted you to your current significant other?
  112. Anyone just give up
  113. halloween
  114. Let's Roast Weiners!
  115. i find myself attracted to ...
  116. Does any "dating" go on here, lol
  117. shaving tips
  118. jokes
  119. oral sex tips
  120. Guide to Cunnilingus 1
  121. Pass the Razor........
  122. game
  123. joke
  124. 20 reasons why chocolate is better
  125. AAS and SeX??.....
  126. FL teacher introuble
  127. fornication law overturned
  128. Crazy sex stuff
  129. Any of you ladies enjoy going to a Gentleman's club
  130. I want advice on a Women
  131. Nutty Scratching~
  132. ~*Flirter's Anonymous*~
  133. Broke stuff having sex!
  134. Montreal strip clubs...
  135. Sex and Abs
  136. How many of you guys prefer your lady in a THONG?
  137. The Perfect Man
  138. some humor
  139. Who has a Sex Swing
  140. Cute Pics
  141. Kissing....
  142. Oral
  143. Favorite body part
  144. How many men like
  145. Hey YOU !
  146. Music?
  147. Boots....
  148. Are any men actually attracted to....
  149. Best time of day for some Woopy
  150. Additional entertainment at the Arnold Classic
  151. who would have a fling if your other never found out?
  152. Sex toys?
  153. Anyone with Kids ever get busted DOING it?
  154. The most underatted topic of cycling--SEX SEX SEX
  155. Who loves ASS???
  156. fitbabe
  157. Auto-fellatio
  158. How many guys have girlfriends that don't mind them going to a stripclub?
  160. cyber
  161. Oral question?
  162. Disappearing Boobie Syndrome (for the ladies)
  163. Favortite Porn Star and/or Movie
  164. fisting
  165. How many times a week???
  166. Is it considered cheating if you are in a different country?
  167. Favourite Position??
  168. Valentine's Day
  169. How many people have had a threesome???
  170. too tiny for fitness modelling
  171. Feminine Hygiene
  172. Red Wings Fan or not?
  173. Anal Beads?
  174. Anyone like their salad tossed?
  175. Nipple play???
  176. Question for the ladies...
  177. On the fist date
  178. Promise rings
  179. nails
  180. Getting married soon. Need advice.
  181. woman or gear
  182. Sex and Working Out!!!
  183. Prince Albert/Clit Piercings
  184. Test. and negative effect on sex drive?
  185. Have I gotta story for you....
  186. Whats a dirty sanchez?
  187. Leave it alone or go after it? Need your help on this one!
  188. Wanna have lunch date with a hot bonde girl?
  189. 1st thing U notice
  190. who likes to perform a harry houdini?
  191. Marriage Question
  192. I love you!
  193. Why Marriages Don't Work???
  194. Dick is on strike!!
  195. HONEST...how many men use "sex sites"?
  196. How to determine if you are gay or not...
  197. Cialis
  198. How to tell if someone is psycho!
  199. I got stymied
  200. Question for the ladies..
  201. My dating video for all single ladies
  202. need opinions on this one
  203. Would you date a girl with a fake leg/arm??
  204. How long do you have sex for on cycle...
  205. What the hell is foreplay??
  206. What cologne works best for you with the ladies??
  207. What are the chances?
  208. my wife is a slob.
  209. Ladies: what kind of underwear do you prefer on a guy
  210. new bitch, new problems
  211. Favorite Position??
  212. Male Strippers
  213. wife/ comfort zone
  214. Lmao, Any Men Here Use Toys With Their Spouses
  215. been with twins
  216. Regrets...
  217. Anyone ever use a penile traction device?
  218. ass sex
  219. Baby Making
  220. Picking up chicks on myspace 101
  221. Semen tips
  222. Sex is GREAT!
  223. semen volume
  224. I met a blind chick
  225. turned down the wife.
  226. Pee'ing IS GREAT
  227. How Many Of Theses Have You Tried???
  228. when did we bring this forum back???
  229. What would you do?
  230. smut here
  231. girls are dumb.
  232. Last cycle....
  233. Wife Swallowing my cum and I'm on steroids
  234. don't get TOO big
  235. wtf, junk not working long.
  236. Sex Forum Is Back Up
  237. Been Jacking off about 3 times daily now
  238. Guys who say they fuck for over an hour are
  239. porn star loads
  240. how to bag a cougar?
  241. Striptease
  242. Ashley Madison dating site hacked.
  243. Having Sex That Only Bodybuilders Will Understand
  244. Healthy Sex
  246. Keeping It Up in the Porn Industry
  247. Improve Your Sex Life Through Exercise
  248. It's Really Hard for Male Porn Stars
  249. Fucking Music!
  250. 5 year anniversary
  251. Anyone else have this problem?
  252. Clomid for ropes?
  253. Happy Nude Year- Cell Phone Chicks
  254. Your personal experience Cialis Vs Viagra
  255. Bodybuilding and Relationships: The Curse
  256. Blind Date
  257. This one is the winner
  258. My gf has a guy friend that says...
  259. Bodybuilding & Sex!!!
  260. Morning glory!
  261. Oxytocin Therapy - For Better Orgasms, Ladies!!
  262. Well... Divorce starts tomorrow...
  263. Kindly provide details
  264. Post your favorite memes or nudes!