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08-15-2017, 12:50 AM
As you grow older, your testosterone levels begin to decrease. Your body produces less and less of this natural hormone. Men who are older than 30 years of age may start to show signs of testosterone deficiency, and if it is not corrected it will only worsen. Testosterone replacement therapy is an excellent way to reverse this issue. You will notice the difference when your testosterone levels are restored.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy And Your Health

You do not need to live with the health problems that accompany low testosterone. You can have better health with TRT. One example is a physically fit body. When testosterone levels decline, it is difficult to lose weight. You can carry excess weight and body fat even if you work out regularly. TRT can help you stay slim and fit.

Low testosterone can cause you to lose physical strength, muscle, and energy. These issues can affect your general health and your everyday life. With TRT you can be stronger, more energetic, and regain lean muscle mass.

Low-T can be harmful to your mental health, too. When your testosterone levels are too low, you can begin to experience mood swings, anxiety, and depression. You can become irritable and unfocused for no apparent reason. TRT can improve your mental health. You can have better brain health and brain function. Instead of memory loss and cognitive decline, you can have a better memory, sharper thinking skills, and the ability to focus and concentrate.

TRT can also reduce your risk of serious health problems in the future. Men who maintain normal levels of testosterone are less likely to experience premature death. You can have a lower risk of heart disease and other life-threatening conditions.

Healthy testosterone levels will keep your bones strong, too. Another serious issue you may not need to deal with is osteoporosis. TRT can help your bones stay dense and strong so you will have a lower risk of bone fractures. If you do experience a broken bone, it will heal faster when your testosterone levels are normal.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy And Self-Confidence

Low-T can harm your self-confidence in a number of ways. One example is its effects on your appearance. Low testosterone can cause you to lose facial hair, body hair, and can even result in premature baldness.

These signs of Low-T can be reversed with testosterone replacement therapy. You can retain your masculine appearance as you grow older. With TRT, you may retain your hair well into your elderly years. You can have confidence in your appearance when you know you look your best.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy And Your Relationships

Men who are otherwise healthy can start to experience a loss of sex drive and erectile dysfunction. Low-T can even result in infertility. If you do not want these issues to interfere with your relationship, consider TRT.

Regardless of your age, you can enjoy a fulfilling, satisfying relationship with your partner. The sex drive and performance you had when you were younger can return. If you decide you want to father a child with your partner, low testosterone will not stand in your way.

TRT And Sleep

It is only a myth that individuals need very little sleep as they grow older. Whether you are 30 or 60, you need a good night's sleep every night. Sleep is important for your physical health, your mental health, your energy levels, and your ability to enjoy your life.

Low testosterone can affect your ability to get a good night's sleep. You may have trouble falling sleep, or you may awaken during the night. TRT can make a difference. When your testosterone levels are restored, you can have restful sleep every night. You can awaken refreshed each morning, and be ready for an active day.

Is Testosterone Replacement Therapy Safe?

Many physicians and health experts recommend testosterone replacement therapy. It is not only safe, it should be considered essential for men who are experiencing signs of low testosterone.

Nearly all men can benefit from TRT. If you have experienced prostate cancer, or have an enlarged prostate, you should ask your doctor's advice before trying TRT. However, if you do not have these medical issues, and are in reasonably good health, TRT is definitely for you. It can improve your health and your overall quality of life.

A Better Life With TRT

You may dislike the signs of aging, or you may be bothered by various health problems. Even if you are in perfect health, these symptoms can occur when your testosterone levels start to decline. If testosterone deficiency is not corrected, the symptoms can only become worse. Regardless of your age, you can have better health and a better life.

Testosterone replacement therapy can do what your body cannot. When your body is no longer producing enough natural testosterone, TRT is the solution. Think of your life today, and consider the future. When you want to live your life to the fullest, you do not want to cope with the effects of Low-T. You can have all of the health benefits to lead the life you want when you start with testosterone replacement therapy. It can change your life for the better, both today and in the future.

08-15-2017, 01:33 AM
Great write up!

09-08-2017, 01:54 PM
looking forward to trt,have had low t since '03,horrible mood swings,anxiety,depression,unfocused,no motivation (even when things go well and motivation should be good),low to no libido,poor sleep,inflamation and pain in body,bone-strucutre pain when lifting especially,hard to lose fat and add mass,digestive problems is also caused by low t i have been told.
In '03 i ran deca only at 200mg every 5. day,in week 5 or 6 i crashed severly,have never been myself since,hpta never recovered,found out a year ago that my hpta is the cause of this generally horrible state i have been/are in. I start at 120mg injected twice a week and tweak from there,along with 10mg tamoxifen from day one and aromasin by hand if needed.

- - - Updated - - -

...probably up it to 200mg a week at max in periods.

09-09-2017, 08:41 PM
Glad to hear chem chef! TRT is a the life changer indeed. Good point on the digestive issues, have and patients with IBS and IBD see good efficacy form TRT alone.
i would add hcg at 250iu weekly and ditch the nolva and just use Adex at 0.5mg bi weekly

Dr B

09-12-2017, 02:50 AM
Glad to hear chem chef! TRT is a the life changer indeed. Good point on the digestive issues, have and patients with IBS and IBD see good efficacy form TRT alone.
i would add hcg at 250iu weekly and ditch the nolva and just use Adex at 0.5mg bi weekly

Dr B
Was advised by an endo to use only nolva 10-20mg everyday and add in some aromasin if needed. Arimidex is a pretty harsh drug and should be avoided if possible. The benfits of nolva seems superior aswell since it takes the place on the receptors instead of the estrogen,but the estrogen are still circulating and giving off their benefits to it all. I'll try this first,this endo does always this to his patients an thousand of them are thriving with this regimen,the ones that stay under 200mg a week is ok with just nolva.

Saw a vid yesterday of nelson vergel from exelmale,where he explained that hcg turns on the hormones that trt shuts down,the upstream hormones he called them,thats why guys feel so much better when adding hcg to their trt. Im done with having kids,but will look into hcg-use because of the hormones it turns on.

09-13-2017, 12:47 AM
Yes- HCG is fantastic! Many benefits associated with the compound

10-03-2017, 04:27 PM
Hi Doc hope all is well on your side.I saw my personal Doc and had my Cholesterol and testosterone blood work done.A while ago I did my cholesterol which was too high my Doc prescribed me Simvastatin 5mg. Which I took every other day before bed.I did more Cardio,changed my diet a bit,and 3 months later I had blood work done again.It went from 141 to 110 or 101 I believe.He was happy with the results so I asked him I'd like to get TRT treatment because I know I feel different.(libido,energy,strength) but I push myself to hit the gym and take supplements to have the energy for working out.A couple of years ago my testosterone levels were at 600 and my other doc said I was ok,I was in my late 40's.Any way I got blood work done with this other Doc and my blood work came back at 325 (testosterone levels).My Doc said I'm good for TRT.I was a happy camper,well today I picked up my prescription 1 bottle of testosterone Cypionate 200mg/ml.The instructions are inject 1 ML. Intramuscular once a month and the pharmacy gave me only one needle 23G x 1.Are they kidding me? Like I'm suppose to go back to my doc or call and tell him to prescribe another needle for me to pick up at the Pharmacy? This is sad and I'm really angry because I've done testosterone in the past with great results injecting twice a week and stacking it.I just wanted to do it the right way and this is all I get.By the way I'm 56 years old but I don't look 56. I've always stayed healthy.Thank you what do you think about this?

10-03-2017, 04:41 PM
Diesel- So your doc wants you to do 200mg per month???

10-03-2017, 05:56 PM
Diesel- So your doc wants you to do 200mg per month???
Yes exactly,if you'd like and can take a photo of the prescription instructions and send it to you.

10-03-2017, 06:07 PM
That dosage will not work. You need to find another doc lol.

Need to start at 200mg weekly to get levels where we want them

email me at drbhenry29@gmail.com and ill get you set up with us

10-03-2017, 06:28 PM
Ok that'll work I emailed you.Lets make it happen.Lol

10-03-2017, 08:56 PM
Sounds good! Let change you life :sport:

10-03-2017, 10:05 PM
Sounds good! Let change you life :sport:
Ok That'll work����