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    Default Karen Cobb, 52, from Rochester, Kent, has placed in bikini competitions

    Looking good for 52!

    The granny with a better body than YOU! Bodybuilding 52-year-old shows off her ripped abs in photos that prove it's never too late to become a bikini contest champ

    An inspiring super-fit grandmother is proof that you're never too old to get your dream body and wear a sparkly bikini on stage.
    Karen Cobb, 52, from Rochester, Kent, pulls off a skimpy two-piece better than many women half her age thanks to her incredible abs and confidence.
    Nan-of-one Karen, who takes part in bikini competitions, has the killer physique and looks of someone decades younger thanks to her dedication to training.

    Her youthful looks mean she is regularly mistaken for her 27-year-old daughter's friend or sister.
    Karen - who has competed and had come in the top five in bikini competitions - gets up at 5am for a morning cardio session in the run up to contests and will work out up to twice per day.

    The grandmother to two-year-old Parker wants to inspire other nans out there to reach their fitness goals and have the confidence to don a stage bikini.
    Karen has affectionately dubbed as the 'Godmother of the bikini girls' by others in the industry.

    She says: 'I might be 52 but I'm not ready to hang up my bikini just yet!
    'Any other gran can achieve the same - all it takes is dedication and confidence. Never compare yourself to anyone else and takes selfies of your progress to see how far you've come on your training.
    'Once you get out under those under those stage lights with everyone cheering you on with a gorgeous bikini on and a fabulous spray tan. You're never to old to compete and transform your body!'

    Karen - who is married to husband, Paul, 38 and has a younger son, Louis, 15 had always enjoyed healthy eating and working out.
    But in August 2014, she decided to step up her exercise routine with the help of a personal trainer and start competing in bikini competitions.
    Karen explains: 'I was only ever meant to compete in one show but I became addicted to the excitement of competing and the lifestyle.
    'I actually love the discipline of it and the routine. I had always been weight conscious but competing was a whole new way of living. You're get to eat up to five times per day which suits me!
    'As long as you prep in advance, you can juggle the training with family life.'

    Karen is on a high protein diet with high carb and low carb days and good fats according to where she is in her preparation for bikini competitions.
    Most of her diet consists of chicken, fish, rice, sweet potato, porridge and protein shakes and as much veg as she wants.
    On Saturday evenings, Karen will have a cheat night- enjoying a takeaway and a cheesecake with her family.
    Karen has competed in over 13 competitions and has no plans to stop anytime soon. Her family love to support her at local contests.
    Karen is Pure Elite Pro Master Bikini athlete and will be competing for the first time internationally in Estonia in October.
    She says 'I'm known in the bikini competitions world as the 'Godmother of the bikini girls'. I'm a bit of a mum to the younger girls in the contest - always inspiring, advising and helping them.
    'I feel I still have a long way to go with goals and can't find to push myself harder and achieve bigger things.'

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    That is just awesome love it when the old folks kick ass

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    She is AWESOME.
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    She damn sure looks great for her age! Hell, she looks pretty good for any age. lol
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