Those Looking for a Physique Coach--Buyer Beware:

I try not to gripe too much, however after repeatedly hearing and seeing these stories firsthand, I can't help but want to shine light on these people. As someone that might be new to the fitness world, I understand how navigating it can already be difficult, and that it's easy to get taken advantage.
In that let me be honest--85% of physique coaches don't give a shit about your results or truly coaching you...they care about... you sending that money. Some of this is harmless--some do want to help but just don't understand the time requirement/logistics of coaching, however some are downright grimy. Here's a few things you can find coaches doing:

1. Taking on literally hundreds of clients, but only paying any attention to the ones that they can post on social media, the ones that are going to generate them continued revenue from people like you. Listen, Im not saying the people I post aren't the ones making the most progress because thats how business works, but I put the EXACT same amount of effort into each person that comes to me. Many people out their don't give a shit. They take on way more than can be coached, you pay upfront, and they're'll get minimum from them. What's ironic is these people often preach about the necessity for "communication".
2. Pawn you off on another coach or even worse--someone that has no business coaching. Let me be honest...there are people out there that solicit individuals with a high draw to simply "act" like them for a fee. They're literally sending you an email pretending to be someone else. There are also coaches that employ a few individuals that do have SOME coaching experience to handle you, however they'll either only tell you that you won't be with them after you've signed up, or not at all.
3. Payed, not priority? You could even be completely ignored. Ive heard of individuals paying for a year of services have check ins ignored for WEEKS on end. Literally, nothing.
4. Using tactical advertising to seem like a winning team. You place your athletes in the local NPC Bodunk show with 3 people in each class, youre bound to have some winners. Look for people that don't seem to have many high profile shows. OR they'll push people to continually compete.
5. Using cookie cutter, no shits given plans. This one many know, but I can't tell you HOW many times I've seen a "coach" start virtually every single person--whether 12, 16, 20 weeks out--with doing 30 minutes of cardio EVERYDAY. This is completely nonsensical and a recipe for someone to really, really rebound for a good percentage of people that are going to end up going into a show doing triple that.

Guys and gals, I hate to say it but I could keep this post going for a long time. If youre looking for a coach, DO YOUR RESEARCH. Talk to people that have worked with that person before putting your health and money on an individual.

by Nick Tong