ORNITHINE is a nonessential amino that provides a unique benefit: it acts as an ammonia(NH3) scavenger. High levels of NH3 during training can cause severe fatigue. In this study, the researchers observed significantly lower NH3 levels in the participants taking the BCAA/ORNITHINE mix vs just BCAA alone.

They also made the following conclusion: "the ORNITHINE group displayed shorter multiple-choice reaction time at the end of strenuous exhaustive exercise and faster return to the pre-exercise resting values were observed only in the BCAAs plus ornithine aspartate trial." The dose in the study was 6g. Bottom line: if you find yourself getting easily fatigued during your workout, adding ORNITHINE with your intra drink might help alleviate this due to its ability to bind to NH3 and eliminate it.

Glutamate and Citrulline can also help eliminate NH3 from the body, which may be in excess during intense training