Rhodiola Rosea is part of a class of compounds known as adaptogens- natural and safe extracts that have numerous health benefits including hormonal balance, mental acuity and reduction of stress/cortisol. Rhodiola has been shown to reduce fatigue, both physical and mental and enhance cognitive function. It possesses molecules that are highly neuroprotective, and can increase serotonin production and decrease production of corticosteroids. There is even evidence to suggest that in doses of 100mg it can improve time to exhaustion and VO2 Max during exercise. Another study for cognitive function showed that students taking 100mg of rhodiola extract improved fatigue and increased exam scores by 8.4% vs the placebo. Rhodiola can also improve overall feeling of well-being and increase the capacity for mental performance. Rhodiola works by interacting with expression of 1,062 genes that affect everything from eNOS to glutamate receptor signaling to metabolic and cardiovascular function, including modulation of norepinephrine. One study even showed reduction of lactate levels after exercise by 50% vs the control. This is an interesting nootropic/adaptogen compound that seems to have many positive effects on improving metal function and decreasing fatigue.

#hypeextreme has rhodiola rosea for these reasons, along with 2 other nootropics to get a nice cognitive enhancement without stimulants. Doses of rhodiola extract range from 50-600mg, with a lot of data suggesting it works at 100-300mg very well.