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    Default Why getting in enough protein is a must.

    I know, I know. Itís hard. It takes time to prepare. You donít enjoy it all that much. It makes you too full, etc. etc.⁣

    But would you rather put in a little extra effort to plan and prep and allow your body to adjust to eating more, or keep struggling to reach your goal?⁣

    If you arenít eating an adequate amount of protein for your needs, your results wonít be optimal. Yes you can lose weight on a low protein diet, but it will be just thatÖ.weight. Not FAT.⁣

    And itís fat loss that gives you that lean, toned look I know youíre going for.⁣

    So how does protein help with that? Lots of ways!⁣

    I know you might be afraid to lift weights because you believe it will make you bulky. But I promise you that isnít the case. Building muscle is what gives you that sexy shape, and losing the body fat that covers that muscle is what allows your newly build curves to show.⁣

    If you want to build muscle, or at the very least maintain what you have while listing fat, you need protein to do so because itís the building block of muscle tissue. Aim for .7-1g of protein per pound of bodyweight.⁣

    Protein keeps hunger hormones under control so you donít feel ravenous during the day. It also balances blood sugar, which leads to more stable energy, less hunger, and fewer cravings.⁣

    It burns more calories to digest than carbs or fats. Your body will burn 20-35% of calories digesting protein, but only 5-15% digesting carbs and fats.⁣

    Eating enough protein at every meal (around 30 grams is a good target) will fill you up faster and will keep you full for longer. That way you can reduce the amount of calories youíre eating without having to try that hard.⁣

    If overall hunger is in check and youíre feeling energized, you are less likely to crave higher calorie foods that can lead to overeating.⁣

    Are you getting enough protein in your diet? If not, whatís keeping your from doing so?
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    Getting enough protein is probably my biggest problem diet-wise. I have a huge problem with whey protein. My gut has decided it doesn't like it anymore so I can only tolerate small amounts of it now. I used to be able to make shakes with 100g of protein for the day. Can barely tolerate up to 20g now. Been using collagen-based protein lately which has been much better, but now I need to adjust my habits.

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