Does chewing impact the digestion and absorption of your food? ⁣

⏱Different types of protein can have different digestion speeds, which is an important factor for the muscle protein synthetic response (the muscle growth response). However, protein digestion speed may not only depend on the type and amount of protein that is ingested, but also how you eat it. ⁣

🐄Chewing functions as a first step of digestion. Chewing efficiency is lower in denture wearers ⁣
compared to people with their natural teeth. This study investigated whether this impacts the ⁣digestion of meat. ⁣

🥩The poorly chewing denture wearers had a lower protein digestion and absorption rate. Consequently, their whole-body protein synthesis rates were lower in response to the meat meal ⁣compared to subjects with natural dentition. ⁣

💪🏻Note that this study didnít specifically measure protein synthesis in muscle tissue. However, a faster protein digestion and absorption speed are generally linked to a greater muscle protein synthetic response (1). ⁣