Hi everyone,

First Post here but I've been lurking round the forums for a couple months absorbing an absolute wealth of knowledge so thank you all.

I was wondering If anyone here has been diagnosed with Colitis or Chrohns and if so whether they could advise me on nutrition? I was diagnosed In January this year, have about 3 years of consistent decent training under my belt prior (bodybuilding and MMA as well as a lvl 3 PT qualification) and also a fair few cycles of various compounds.

Once I was diagnosed I have obviously abstained from the juice and, due to the medication prescribed, lost a lot of size from the lovely mass side effects of catabolism coupled with inabilities to eat or absorb nutrients properly 🙃. I was around 106kg and about 20 percent body fat. I am now 89kg and 17 ish percent bf (tested with calipers and in body scans).

While the fat loss is certainly a welcome site (eventual goal is 10 to 12 percent) unfortunately the muscle and strength loss is quite disheartening, I was curious if anyone could recommend any good bulking foods they find are a "safe" go to with either Chrohns or UC?

Also how have you fared being on cycle with either of these conditions? I have recently started HGH at 6iu / day and I'm on day 60 in the hopes it will speed up my healing but if any other compounds have been used to good effect I'd really appreciate any advice!

Thanks everyone,