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    Default If you want to be Great prepare to be doubted!

    With all the suicides & depression people are suffering & no matter how you feel I just want to remind you to remember the days that you felt amazing! If you are feeling it? Great! If not ? It will come back!

    You are going to be judged and rejected by many people. But you値l also leave your mark on many others who will be glad you had the courage to put yourself out there.

    If you want to leave a mark you値l have to stand for something. And you値l have to be a contrarian to some extent. You値l have to be different from what others are used to.
    Sometimes you will turn people off. That will happen even if you tell the truth.

    But chances are if you speak your truth in a thoughtful way you値l earn the respect of many people!

    Grind, Work hard & remember you are loved & needed! God Bless!

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    Loved it
    Author: Ben Presser
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