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    Default BodybuildingSocial.com Now LIVE!

    Anyone can now sign up, and were still under heavy development with addons, however we have every core networking module working perfect, and this sites software is LIGHT YEARS AHEAD OF THE NEAREST COMPETITOR!

    We just completed the Groups RSS module, now each organization can auto populate their organizations groups with content from anywhere on the web!

    We currently just purchased SEO links and its being installed shortly!

    Right now anyone can create their own community with their profile and or their organization page:

    • Your Own Forum,
    • Your Own Groups,
    • Your Own Organizations,
    • Your own messenger,
    • Video conferencing,
    • Screen sharing,
    • Auto delete messenger messages,
    • Create your own paid membership levels
    • Create your own private or public feed
    • Follow , Join, hashtage someone
    • Your own mailboxes within the site
    • Mass Mail Your Own Community Members,
    • Invite, Referrals, and a Shit ton More!
    • Create your own Marketplace,
    • Add Your Own Products,
    • Use Your Own Merchant Interface

    If Facebook or Reddit has it, BodybuildingSocial.com Has It Too!! (minus the traffic) lmao

    Seriously though this software has everything!

    Join Us and See For Yourself!
    Bodybuilding Social Is Hosted On Our Own Offshore Dedicated Server! We do NOT use Shared Hosting! Our Server Our Way!

    P.S. were still under heavy development with add ons as well as custom development! But everything we listed above in bold we have NOW!
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