Want to get huge with quality heres my tips

Keep things simple
Food intake its pretty individualized and should be tailored to you
Beef and chicken will help you grow
Fish is great but i like it later in the day its light
To lean out its great same with eggwhites
Carbs i like to grow are rice quinoa oats yams sweet potatos apples bananas
6-7 meals protein 40-75 a meal carbs vary from 40-100 plus not every meal needs high carbs or any
You can store a carb not protein fats are low with this
1 daily protein shake suppliment is fine but in addition to food
1-2 gal of water with aminos
Suppliments minimal whey multivitamin
Food takes care of this food over wverything else
Cals 4-7000 daily
I personallly exclude dairy and soy

Train hard or you wont absorb your food
I like 2 on 1 off wheh increasing size 6 days straight when conditioning
3 sets 1 warmup 2 working progressively heavier 6-12 reps usually
1 bodypart a weeek except traps abs calves forearms
1 day cardio max 30-45min masx not 100% needed

Sleep 8 hours daily straight
An hour nap can help
Dont miss meals workouts sleep or shots

Keep it simple
No frontload pyramind blah blah orals to kickstart ect

Bulking i like
Lets say
1gm deca or. More
1.5gm sust
300mg cyp
500-700 tren ace

Real simple

Can add dbol thats it

Ideal 6-12iu of pharma gh daily
If more advanced 15-25iu of insulin r or log morning and post workout
If more advanced this plus r 15-25iu pre-workout and 40iu of lantus daily

If more advanced 1-5mg of increlex daily must rotate spots i like spot inject post workout muscles train d

Orals are best when eating more fish cutting out red meat training 6 days and dieting down aka conditimg