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    Default Strange sensation in head , dizziness, strange taste in mouth anyone?

    Anyone feel strange after an injection.

    I did 1cc test 1cc deca one in each quad. About 5 mins afterwards felt loopy dizzy with a strange taste in my mouth.

    This has happened once before more severely but it was with tren. I was assuming it was the beginning of tren cough.

    I did Nick a vein as the injection site pissed blood for a few seconds.

    Any ideas? I feel fine now though
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    I’ve had that same sensation and taste at least once from just about everything I’ve used. Scared the hell out of me a couple times. Once it even felt like warm bubble soda was running down in my leg on the bone! That one had me skip gym that day lol

    Your good now Brutha so I’m sure that was the end of it.
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    No advice just the same as Presser. The taste happens all the time but the dizziness I canít remember but probably has happened. Tren cough forget it, I canít count how many times that has happened. Itís part of the process kind of like a side effect.

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