SARMs are available in both oral and injectable forms. However, most SARMs users prefer to use liquid form due to ease of use or fear of needles.

Although taking SARMs in liquid form is relatively simple, there are several aspects to their use that you should keep in mind.

In this article, I’ll lay out the essential details you need to know before you consider taking liquid SARMs.

TL;DR: What To Know About Liquid SARMs
  • Liquid SARMs are contained in dropper form and are faster absorbing than capsules or pills.
  • The top brands for liquid SARMs are, Chemyo, and Behemoth Labz.
  • Liquid SARMs are best for beginner users of SARMs, women, and athletes.
Liquid SARMs Liquid SARMs are the most popular form of oral SARMs. Even though capsules are the most convenient form to take, they happen to also be the most expensive.

Liquid SARMs can be legally purchased for research purposes in the United States.

The slight legal loophole that liquid SARMs provide is the reason that the majority of manufacturers mainly produce and sell SARMs in liquid form.

What Are Liquid SARMs Mixed With? Liquid SARMs are usually suspended in an alcohol solution. This extends their half-life and helps to maintain the purity of the compound.

However, it also gives a slightly alcoholic taste to the liquid that isn’t very pleasant. As a result, taking a liquid SARM is not an overly pleasant experience.

How To Take Liquid SARMs To take liquid SARMs, you will need an eyedropper or a syringe.

The first thing you need to do when it comes to measuring liquid SARMs is to be able to read the label. When you get your SARMs bottle it will tell you how mg there is per ml.

For example, if you have a bottle of GW501516, it will probably say ‘20mg/ml’. That means that there is 20 mg of the compound in every ml that you take.

Most droppers measure to 1 ml at the top, with divisions going up in 10ths. So, if you are wanting to take 10 mg, you will fill the dropper halfway, to the .5 mark.

SARMs Pills vs Liquid SARM pills are more palatable to take than the liquid form, however, you will pay more money to get the same quantity of SARM in pill or capsule form than in liquid form.

Another problem with SARMs in pill form is that you cannot control the dosage as well. They will usually come in 10mg pill sizes and if you are following a cycle of 15 or 25 mg per day, you will have to chop your pills in half, which is not ideal whatsoever.

Liquid SARMs are faster absorbing and they allow you to get a more precise dosing.

SARM Powder vs Liquid SARMs powder is the cheapest form of SARMs that you can buy. However, getting a proper dose is almost impossible, especially when you are dealing with such microdoses that are involved in SARMs cycles.

In contrast, you will be able to measure out your SARMs far more effectively and easily when you take your SARMs in liquid form.

Do Liquid SARMs Go Bad? SARMs will not go bad if you store them in a cool dry place. Generally, you should use a SARM within 9 months of purchasing them to ensure that there is no loss of potency.

Liquid SARMs Side Effects Liquid SARMs carry the same side effects as taking SARMs in any other form. The specific side effect of a SARM will depend on what that compound is.

As a general statement, the side effects of SARMs are much less than if you were taking anabolic steroids. The key to minimizing the side effects of SARMs is not to go crazy with your dosages – stick to proven cycle and stacking protocols.

The main side effects from SARMs are the suppression of testosterone levels, hair loss, acne, oily skin, lower back and shin pain, and impaired liver health.

Liquid SARMs For Sale The most reliable, transparent, and popular companies in the SARMs marketplace are, Chemyo, and Behemoth Labz.

Let’s now take a closer look at the most popular liquid SARMs sold by each of these brands.

Ostarine – MK2866

Ostarine is the most popular liquid form SARM sold by It is sold in a 30 ml quantity. The bottle comes with an eyedropper.

The concentration is 30mg/ml for a total of 900 mg in the bottle. So, if you were dosing Ostarine at 10mg per day, this bottle would last you 90 days.

A 30 ml bottle of Ostarine will cost you $59.99.

Andarine – S4

Andarine is sold in a 30 ml bottle, with a concentration of 50mg/ml for a total of 1500mg in the bottle.

A 30 ml bottle of Andarine will cost you $59.99.

Testolone – RAD 140

Testolone is also sold in a 30 ml bottle. It has a concentration of 10mg/ml. That means that you get a total quantity of 300mg of this compound in the 30ml quantity. Your purchase comes with an eye dropper.

A 30 ml bottle of Andarine will cost you $59.99.

S-23 sells S-23 in 30 ml bottles.The concentration is 25mg/ml. That means that you get a total quantity of 750mg of the compound within the 30 ml quantity of liquid.

A 30 ml bottle of Andarine will cost you $59.99.


YK-11 is also sold in 30 ml bottles, with a concentration of 10mg/ml. The total amount of YK-11 in the bottle is 300mg.

A 30 ml bottle of YK-11 will cost you $59.99.

Best SARMs Bundles from Complete SARMs Bundle

This is a massive bundle that knocks 25% of the individual purchase price. It includes the following SARMs for a total price of $367.42:

  • RAD 140
  • MK 2866
  • LGD
  • S4
  • YK-11
  • S23
  • ACP-105
  • AC-262, 536
Novel SARMs Bundle

This is a great bundle for new SARMs users. It combines the following SARMs for a price of $187.46:

  • Yk-11
  • S-23
  • ACP-105
  • AC-262, 536
Basic SARMs Bundle

This starter bundle costs $215.96 and provides you with the following SARMs:

  • RAD 140
  • MK 2866
  • LGD 4
  • S4

Chemyo sells Ostarine in a 50 ml bottle, with a concentration of 25 mg/ml. That provides you with a total of 1250 mg of the compound in the bottle.

This bottle sells for $59.99.


RAD-140 is sold in a 50ml bottle. The concentration is 10mg/ml for a total of 500mg of RAD-140 in this bottle.

Chemyo sells this product for $69.99.


GW501516 is also sold in a 50ml bottle, with a concentration of 10 mg/ml. The total amount of compound in the bottle is 500mg.

This bottle sells for $54.99.


MK-677 is packaged in a 50ml bottle, with a concentration of 25 mg/ml. This gives you a total quantity of 1250mg in the bottle.

A 50ml bottle of MK-677 sells for $69.99.


S-4 is also sold in a 50ml bottle. The concentration is 50 mg/ml for a total concentration of 2500 mg of the compound in this bottle.

Chemyo sells this product for $74.99.

Best Value Packs from Chemyo MK-2866 + GW-501516

MK 2866 + GW501516 for $104.00 (saving you $10)

MK-2866 + MK-677

MK 2866 + MK 677 for $119.99 (saving you $10)

RAD140 + MK-677

RAD 140 + MK 677 for $129.99 (saving you $10)


Behemoth sells LGD-4033 in a 35 ml bottle (35ml/58mg per ml = 2000mg) for $140.48.


Behemoth Labz sells MK-2866 liquid in the following quantities …

  • 15 ml/17mg per ml = $20.48
  • 35 ml/29mg per ml = $62.48
  • 35 ml/58mg per ml = $118.48
RAD 140

Behemoth sells RAD 140 with the liquid version being sold in three quantities ranging in price between $27.91 for a 15 ml bottle and $160.15 for a 35 ml bottle.


Behemoth Labz sell S-23 as a liquid in 2 quantities:

  • 35 ml/29mg per ml for a total of 1000 mg = $95.74
  • 15 ml/17mg per ml for a total of 250 mg = $25.63
Behemoth Labz regularly offers discount codes on their website for savings of as much as 30 percent off the lost price.


Behemoth Labz sells GW501516 in liquid form in combination with SR9009 at a concentration of 35ml/58mg per ml. The cost is $140.20.

Are Liquid SARMs Better? Liquid SARMs have been shown to be more quickly absorbed into the body than capsules and are a great choice for most SARMs users. Not only that, another benefit of their use is that you are able to measure out your own dosage. If you’re not a fan of needles but still want to venture into SARMs territory then liquid form is the way to go.

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