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    Default Im considering Mk677 might log if i do

    So i used hgh in the past. Sunk a lot of money into it wasnít super impressed with it igf-1 lr3 worked better IMO than gh did for me and with less issues with blood sugar and aches. I used between 3-10IU a day why the jump around? Towards my last few months i got tired of it and upped my dosage no joke sides were crazy for me at 10iu. Previously i used ghrp and cjc that was decent and a bit more affordable but sticking myself 3 times a day plus doing trt was annoying to say the least

    i have debated two options hgh frag for 4 weeks to accelerate fatloss in addition to SR9009 (I used cardarine prior and loved it figured SR to minimize long term issues with cardarine use)

    but i read hgh frag is shot 2x a day and i debated getting mk677 as pills once a day seems best. I seen a lot of logs on it it seems quite effective as well. Iím sitting just short of 14% body fat I donít plan to drop below 10 since Im not able to do any contests or anything Iím purely doing this for me and to look my best finish out the year and maybe do some next whether bodybuilding or power lift meets

    mk677 seems to be a strong candidate for me does anyone has any experience with mk677 or HGH FRAG? Or if both which did you prefer? I dug up a lot of information Iím in no hurry atm to buy any more stuff as i am sitting on anavar masteron And tren a which I donít plan to use just yet and Iím unsure if Iíll jump back on the tren train Anytime soon since Iím not competing maybe next year?

    right now Iím doing just TRT 150mg a week plus proviron at 25mg

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    nope sorry no mk 677 experience
    Author: Ben Presser
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