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    Default 8 weeks on progress

    So family I am back with my dumb opinions, questions,. On for 8 weeks now , first 4 weeks were shitty as was not using AI and hit by lump but that's resolved now , so now I am on 750 test/ 400 npp / 0.125 mcg prami, 25 mg aroma on pin days else 12.5 , diet is very strict high protein, good fat and low low carb , run 6 km everyday rain or shine , I have to keep up endurance as I train young kids in wrestling else I start getting out of breath, the only trouble is strength sucks,I was planning to pause bench 150 plus but hardly can do 125ish , anyways rest the pic r latest and HEY PRESSER I M NOT A BIG GUY LIKE U LOL , currently sitting at 72kg,
    Started gear at 69kg , that was my goal not to get bulky , rest the pis r latest and all ur advice is welcome
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