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    Default NapsGear AMA - Guy Cisternino : Podcast #29: I'll just do it myself!

    CLICK HERE to view the AMA Episode.

    In this Podcast, Guy Cisternino talking about: I'll just do it myself!

    CLICK HERE to view the AMA Episode.

    About NapsGear IFBB Pro AMA

    NapsGear’s IFBB Pro AMA (Ask Me Anything) offers our customers the opportunity to ask the hard questions and actually receive a credentialed and qualified answer. Who better to get your bodybuilding and fitness advice from than an IFBB Pro?! NapsGear is proud to introduce our IFBB Pro leaders: Evan Centopani, Chris Tuttle, Milos Sarcev, Lee Priest, Guy Cisternino, Antoine Vaillant!

    You can also submit your own questions here at Ask Me Anything

    Each week our IFBB Pros will answer your questions in written form as well as educational videos! Need nutrition tips? Want help dialing in your routine? Curious what book an IFBB Pro is reading? Submit your questions now and get an answer from an IFBB Pro!


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    Default wants to Host your AMA on their site, or maybe pull your AMA feed to our site? Please pm me how we can get this done
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