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    Default IGF Winter Protocol

    Iím sure this is ďsearchableĒ but if it hasnít been beat to death recently:

    How does everyone like to run their IGF?
    Bulking or Cutting? Length/Dosage?

    I plan on making a run through the winter while adding some mass (lean mass hopefully).
    Iím going to dose 80-100mcg every other day. Regardless of training days for 8-12 weeks.

    Iíve used this multiple times, typically cutting at an ED dosing.
    Also just started running 12.5mg of MK677-possibly bumping up to 25mgs.
    Do work!!

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    I run it daily for as long as i can afford to. And i like to bump up my dosages in the winter when im adding in other compounds on top of my normal testosterone usage. Ill go as high as 80mcg to 100mcg daily when using trenbolone alongisde the propionate and cypionate (trt)
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