It has been brought to my attention that some people may have a hard time figuring out how to order from PSL./Euro-pharmacies


1. In ORDER to access our Site you must either click the link provided or click on our Banner. Puritysourcelabs
2. This will bring you to our home page.
Scroll down and click categories.
Depending if you're ordering domestic or International, you will choose Euro pharmacies or USA domestic. Choose one or the other.
3. If you choose USA domestic there is a slight difference. You will have the option of choosing first between : Enorm Pharma usa,Euro pharma usa, HCG USA. Click one.
4. Once chosen this will open up a set of categories. Injectables, fat burners, Men's Health, oral steroids, PCT/anti-estrogens.
5. Whatever category you wish to enter click that category.
Now all you have to do is scroll down to whichever product you want and click add to cart. If you wish to choose more of that product instead of clicking add to cart click the button more. This will allow you to add more of that product then choose add to cart.
6. Once you are done shopping at the top of the page should be a dark bar that says Cart Inside it. Click this bar and it will take you to your shopping cart. Click the green bar - checkout.
7. Now follow the instruction to finalize your order.
8.Now you will go through five steps.
Summary(review of order)
Sign in if you have not already
If you have any problems or concerns please dont hesitate to contact me or any other PSL rep by pm.
Please dont put any personal info on the open forum.
It is for your safety as well as everyone else. This includes order details, delivery dates etc. Be smart, be safe!
Thank you for choosing PSL. Have a Great Day.

Also the products list will vary between Enorma Pharma ,euro pharma usa and pivotal labs.
The product list will also very between domestic and international.
International has a much wider variety of products.

I hope this helps make your shopping experience a little easier.
Any questions or concerns feel free to reach out to any psl rep via pm dor assistance.
We will do our best to Assist you.
Thank you
Team psl