NBA championship odds: LeBron, Anthony Davis and Lakers are an overwhelming favorite to repeat

by Frank Schwab

When an NBA team wins one title, another is expected.

The Golden State Warriors, Miami Heat and Los Angeles Lakers (twice) have won consecutive championships this century. When you have the NBAís best player, as the Lakers do with LeBron James (Anthony Davis isnít far behind), you will always be a title contender.

Given that, the Lakersí popularity and the star power of James and Davis, itís no surprise who is favored to win the NBA championship this season.

The Lakers are +275 to win it all this season, via BetMGMís odds. No other team is less than +550.

Itís hard to take any team in any sport at such low odds to win a title. Itís worth looking to see if thereís value elsewhere.

Who are the best bets to win the NBA Finals?

Here are the top five favorites, in terms of BetMGMís odds. Every other team is +1800 or more.

Lakers +275
Bucks +550
Nets +600
Clippers +650
Celtics +1400

The problem with not betting the Lakers is finding another team you trust.

The Bucks might be a great regular-season team that canít get it done in the playoffs. The Nets are relying a lot on Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving staying healthy. The Clippers are still the Clippers. The Celtics lost Gordon Hayward and donít know when Kemba Walker will be back from injury.

Long shots rarely hit for the NBA title, but two teams further down the odds are intriguing.

The Toronto Raptors finished very high in advanced stats, point differential and were the NBAís hottest team before the season shut down in March. They have players with championship experience. The lack of a superstar is one reason their odds are all the way down at +3000, but itís a strong, efficient team.

If you prefer a superstar, the Dallas Mavericks might be worth a shot at +2500. Luka Doncic is the MVP favorite. Like the Raptors, the Mavs ranked in the top six in net efficiency and point differential last season. The Mavs are an excellent offensive team, new addition Josh Richardson could help the defense and itís easy to talk yourself into Doncic making another leap and carrying Dallas to a deep playoff run. Especially if Kristaps Porzingis is fully healthy by playoff time.