Chris Cwik,Yahoo Sports•September 23, 2019

Baker Mayfield is taking heat for the Cleveland Browns’ offensive struggles. After scoring just 13 points in a loss to the Los Angeles Rams, Mayfield was called out by former New York Jets coach Rex Ryan.

How bad did it get? Well, Ryan called Mayfield “overrated as hell.”

After casually dropping that line, Ryan is asked to explain why he thinks Mayfield is overrated. Here’s a list of all the things Ryan says Mayfield needs to fix:

• He’s a one-read guy who improvises when his first look isn’t there.
• He’s too slow to outrun guys when he takes off.
• He’s not getting the ball out in rhythm.
• He’s staring down guys.
• He’s not that accurate down the field.
• He didn’t get the ball out quick enough against the Rams.

That’s a long list, and while Ryan is perhaps exaggerating, Mayfield hasn’t been great to open the season. Through three games, Mayfield has thrown three touchdowns passes against five interceptions. He has seen his completion percentage drop from 63.8 percent last season to 56.9 in 2019. He hasn’t produced like people expected.

That doesn’t mean Mayfield is bound to play like this forever. He has plenty of talent, and looked like a star last season. There’s a scenario where Mayfield and the offense get on track and he starts playing like a superstar talent again.

So, is Mayfield overrated? If what Ryan is talking about right now is that Mayfield is not living up to the expectations placed on him during the offseason, maybe. But if Ryan is suggesting Mayfield will continue to be this bad, that seems unlikely.

That’s not to dismiss Ryan’s criticisms. Mayfield hasn’t played like an All-Pro so far this season. It’s just as foolish to assume what Mayfield has done in a three-game sample will continue to happen, especially when Mayfield showed he could play better than this last season.