Since this sight helped me through my first homebrew I figured this would be the spot for this thread.

Long story short. My first raws order had test enanthate and DHB plus ancillaries. Everything went well so I made a second order. The second order had numerous compounds. Well I live in one of the real hot states and I left town for the weekend with my ac off. I didn't realize it was going to get as hot as it did. When I came back I discovered the remaining test enanthate from my first order was now an oily substance and the second batch was a slightly melted white looking rock. My conclusion was the first batch was quality and fairly pure and the second was not. It's possible it was half test enanthate and another test ester mixed in as this batch was the "throw in for free bonus." I contacted the supplier they claimed they were the same product from the same batch on their end. I don't buy that for a minute.

Now I am currently pricing those digital hot plates so I can conduct melt tests on my entire shipment. Any recommendations for a well priced controlled heat hot plate? I am currently looking at one meant for electronics but it goes up to 350 C and I can select exact temps but I am open to anyone's input especially from experience.

My next question is about drostanolone enanthate, I can not find a consistent melting point online. Can anyone help?
Also I can not find a melting point for DHB cypionate at all, anyone?
I am seeing a range of melting points for trenbolone enanthate, npp and stanozolol but they are all within a 10-20 degree window. Do the melting points vary depending on manufacturing method or end grade like human vs veterinarian grade? I would not think that stuff would effect melting points but I am new to this.

Finally does anyone know what they might cut the raws with? My plan is to slowly ramp up the heat and watch to see if part melts before the standard melting point and then to make sure the entire thing melts at the appropriate temp. Would this method allow me to possibly identify what they might cut the raws with? (That is if they cut them)