13-ethyl-3-methoxy-gona-2,5(10)dien-17-one AKA Max-LMG. Structurally, it's actually a progestin derivative(like tren) and must convert to its active form in the body. It is incapable of aromatizing, however being a progestin, it can bind to and activate the progesterone receptors, which may cause gyno. The normal methyl group on carbon18 is actually an ethyl group here, which is what's responsible for its progesterone effects, as well as its increased anabolic nature.

Anytime you see an ethyl group on carbon 18 and 17, it usually indicates progesterone activity. It's more anabolic than androgenic, similar in effect to nandrolone(both compounds are missing the methyl group on carbon 19), however more water retention is possible. Interestingly, this molecule was originally developed as a contraceptive in the 1960s, but showed anabolic properties, with the active form being almost equal to that of test. Not being 17-methylated, it only has fair oral bioavailability, but enough to be anabolic in reasonable doses(50-125mg/d). As far as women using this- itís a progestin so virilization should be minimal, but that just my educated guess. It should be safer than taking androgens. Worth noting, it was developed at the same time as Norboletone, the original undetectable steroid used in the 2000 Olympics. PS, I saw these products at