Arjuna is a tree bark that has many medicinally benefits when it comes to cardiovascular health. As you know, some of the things bodybuilders take to build muscle can have deleterious effects on your heart health. There are several triterpenoids and polyphenols associated with the benefits of Arjuna, including arjunolic acid, arnjuenin, and arjunic acid. Arjuna has numerous human studies to show positive effects on cardiac function including improved left ventricular function(thickening of your LV may cause heart attacks, heart disease, and high blood pressure).

A study used 500mg of an aqueous extract of Arjuna bark for 8 weeks showed improve cardiac function. Another study used 500mg 3x daily of the same exact for 2 weeks which showed improved left ventricular function, which lasted up to 28 months post treatment! Another human study using 1500mg of the same extract for 3 months improved diastolic function(lowering BP) as well as reducing mitral regurgitation- a condition in which your heart's mitral valve doesn't close tightly and allows blood to flow backwards to the heart. This can cause increased BP and fluid build up in the lungs. Also noticed was a decrease in cardiac mass, which is a good thing if you have an enlarged heart from bodybuilding.

If you compete and/or take androgens, the this supplement should be a staple in your preventive regimen and may save your life. There's even data suggesting Arjuna has anti-cancer properties. Suggested dose seems to be 500mg 3x daily of the aqueous extract.