Protein synthesis rate appears to drop about 3-hours after a meal, even though there’s still plenty of amino acids available for growth. This is probably due to the lower energy status of the muscle cell during this period. When a muscle cell is running low on energy, it will reduce protein signaling in order to conserve energy. BCAAs, including leucine, can supply cellular energy which helps maintain protein synthesis rates! Eating a meal or protein shake would have the same effect, however, BCAAs may be more convenient for some and would also help keep calories down during a diet. Make sure to get about 3.5g of leucine in a 2:1:1 BCAA blend for best results.
▪️ Source: Wilson, G. J., Layman, D. K., Moulton, C. J., Norton, L. E., Anthony, T. G., Proud, C. G., ... & Garlick, P. J. (2011). Leucine or carbohydrate supplementation reduces AMPK and eEF2 phosphorylation and extends postprandial muscle protein synthesis in rats. American Journal of Physiology-Endocrinology And Metabolism, 301(6), E1236-E1242.