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  1. Vitamin D - is yours working??

    Started by drtbear1967, 09-03-2020 10:48 AM
    50%, added, deficiency, end, foods, good, intake, it’s, lead, levels, list, lot, magnesium, make, means, muscle, people, problem, real, root, solution, study, supplement, vitamin, working
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    Started by drtbear1967, 07-21-2020 10:45 AM
    aim, arm, back, doris, dynamic, extension, hold, lat, latissimus, lead, lifting, lower, minimum, muscle, overhead, reaching, region, seconds, spans, stretch, stretches, target, thoracolumbar, tight, variations
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    Last Post: 07-30-2020 05:49 PM
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  3. What is Sciatica? Really

    Started by drtbear1967, 07-06-2020 11:33 AM
    back, call, cluster, compression, failed, finally, give, inside, issues, knee, lead, list, low, mimics, muscular, nerve, origins, pain, pain;, referred, root, sciatic, sciatic-type, sciatica, symptoms
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    Last Post: 07-07-2020 02:22 PM
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  4. Truth about Fasted Cardio

    Started by drtbear1967, 01-20-2020 01:40 PM
    20–25%, 24hr, acids, adipose, burning, cycling, exercise, fasted, fat, fatty, fed, free, groups, intensity, lead, lipolysis, loss, oxidation, period, research, state, studies, time—this, tissue, training
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    Last Post: 01-20-2020 01:40 PM
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  7. Nationals Win Game One of World Series

    Started by Ox 51, 10-23-2019 01:39 PM
    7th, 8th, astros, close, doubled, game, garrit cole, george, george springer, homered, houston astros, justin verlander, lead, max scherzer, mlb news, mlb playoffs, nationals, run, series, springer, stephen strasburg, washington nationals, win, world, world series
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    Last Post: 10-23-2019 01:39 PM
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  8. Nats Beat Brewers For NL Wild Card

    Started by Ox 51, 10-02-2019 12:03 PM
    ace, brewers, bullpen, delivered, hit, juan soto, lead, max scherzer, milwaukee brewers, mlb news, mlb playoffs, nationals, nats, nl wild card game, overcome, pitch, rendon, runs, scherzer, single, soto, star, time, walk, washington nationals
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    Last Post: 10-02-2019 12:03 PM
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    Last Post: 08-18-2019 01:24 PM
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    Last Post: 08-18-2019 10:17 AM
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    Last Post: 08-18-2019 10:14 AM
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  12. Cabaser BACK IN STOCK!

    Started by Vision, 08-13-2019 12:13 PM
    athletes, body, caber, cabergoline, common, deca, dopamine, dosage, dostinex, due, effects, gyno, lead, levels, people, positive, prolactin, sex, steroid, steroids, taking, training, tren, week, ‘deca
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    Last Post: 08-13-2019 12:13 PM
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  13. Warriors Win, Lose Durant

    Started by Ox 51, 06-11-2019 11:28 AM
    back, clawing, cousins, curry, demarcus cousins, durant, game, golden state warriors, grew, home, kevin durant, klay thompson, lead, nba finals, point, points, pushing, quickly, raptors, started, stephen curry, thompson, tomorrow, toronto raptors, warriors
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    Last Post: 06-11-2019 11:28 AM
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  14. Thompson In, Durant Still Out

    Started by Ox 51, 06-07-2019 09:28 AM
    2-1, calf, durant, expected, finals, game, golden, golden state warriors, hold, houston, kevin durant injury, klay thompson injury, lead, nba, nba finals, nurses, raptors, rockets, state, strained, thompson, tonight, toronto, toronto raptors, warriors
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    Last Post: 06-07-2019 09:28 AM
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  15. Raptors Beat Warriors in Game 3

    Started by Ox 51, 06-06-2019 06:13 PM
    2-1, battle, calf, durant, friday, game, golden, golden state warriors, home, kevin durant, klay thompson, lead, nba finals, night, raptors, series, state, stephen curry, strained, thompson, toronto, toronto raptors, uphill, warriors, weeks
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    Last Post: 06-06-2019 06:13 PM
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  16. Bruins Win Stanley Cup Opener

    Started by Ox 51, 05-28-2019 02:29 PM
    2-0, 4-1, beat, blues, boston, boston bruins, bruins, close, cup, early, game, lead, louis, nhl playoffs, night, opener, period, scored, st. louis blues, stanley, stanley cup, tied, wednesday, win
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    Last Post: 05-28-2019 02:29 PM
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  17. Warriors Lead Blazers 3-0

    Started by Ox 51, 05-20-2019 09:01 AM
    100%, 3-0, afford, blazers, calf, close, durant, earliest, entire, finals, golden, golden state warriors, hope, kevin durant injury, lead, nba, nba playoffs, portland, portland trailblazers, rest, series, slowed, state, warriors, western conference finals
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    Last Post: 05-20-2019 09:01 AM
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  18. Raptors Win In Second Overtime

    Started by Ox 51, 05-20-2019 08:53 AM
    2-1, antetokounmpo, bucks, eastern conference finals, easy, fouled, giannis, giannis antetokounmpo, kawhi, kawhi leonard, lead, leonard, milwaukee bucks, nba playoffs, overtime, raptors, secure, series, start, stopping, task, toronto, toronto raptors, trouble, win
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    Last Post: 05-20-2019 08:53 AM
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    Last Post: 05-08-2019 10:45 PM
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  20. Joel Embiid Illness Costs Sixers

    Started by Ox 51, 05-08-2019 02:01 PM
    3-2, 76ers, blown, coasted, costs, digits, double, embiid, illness, joel, joel embiid, lead, managed, night, philadelphia, philadelphia 76ers, players, raptors, rebounds, score, series, sixers, toronto, toronto raptors, turnovers
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    Last Post: 05-08-2019 02:01 PM
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  21. Purdue Beats Tennessee in OT

    Started by Ox 51, 03-29-2019 01:34 PM
    boilermakers, couldn’t, edwards, game, half, hit, lead, line, minutes, ncaa tournament, play, points, purdue, purdue’s, regulation, scored, seconds, send, sweet 16, sweet sixteen, tennessee, tennessee’s, throw, vols, win
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    Last Post: 03-29-2019 01:34 PM
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  22. Tennessee Beats Kentucky

    Started by Ox 51, 03-17-2019 12:11 PM
    admiral schofield, back, cats, conference, final, game, games, grant williams, hit, kentucky, lead, long, minutes, played, points, schofield, sec tournament, tennessee, threes, time, top, tournament, vols, volunteers, williams
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    Last Post: 03-17-2019 12:11 PM
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  23. Food Fiber vs Supplemental Fiber

    Started by drtbear1967, 03-07-2019 09:07 AM
    benefits, blood, causing, diet, dietary, disease, eating, fact, fiber, fibers, foods, fruits, health, high, increase, intake, lead, levels, low, package, people, pure, recommended, studies, supplements
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    Last Post: 03-07-2019 09:07 AM
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  24. Duke Pulls Off Incredible Comeback

    Started by Ox 51, 02-13-2019 10:26 AM
    71-69, ball, blue, college basketball, devils, duke, duke blue devils, finished, foul, half, late, lead, louisville, louisville cardinals, made, minutes, ncaa basketball, points, rebound, reddish, scored, seconds, things, williamson, zion williamson
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    Last Post: 02-13-2019 10:26 AM
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  25. Patriots vs Chiefs

    Started by Ox 51, 01-20-2019 08:44 PM
    7-0, chiefs, halftime, lead, nearing, patriots
    9 Replies
    Last Post: 01-21-2019 10:28 AM
    by Ox 51  Go to last post
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