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    Default TRT Treatment in Men

    The male sex hormone which gives the man body hair, a deep voice as well as muscle growth is called Testosterone. After your late twenties on an average 1%, less testosterone is produced every year which results in difficulties in maintaining the muscle mass as well as difficulties in building more muscle mass when exercising. Low levels of testosterone also result in less energy and low sex drives.

    What is the Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

    Testosterone replacement therapy seeks to replenish the natural balance of hormones in the body by administering lab made hormones that are chemically and biologically identical to the naturally occurring ones.

    A lot is in common knowledge about the effects hormonal changes have on women’s health during menopause. However, not much is known popularly about andropause, a similar process that occurs in ageing men.

    Why do you need Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

    There are different types testosterone treatments all over the market. Testosterone replacement therapy benefits are scientifically proven.

    They are known to increase the size of your muscles, improve your mood, make you feel confident and provide you with an extra boost just when you need it.

    Testosterone is perfect for men who are unable to grow despite spending hours in the gym, eating right and consuming protein shakes day after day. Testosterone replacement therapy is just what you need to break the barrier and give way to a new body! Here is why you need it.

    A major symptom of the condition is a drop in the testosterone levels. This can further lead to a whole range of symptoms often associated with ageing in men- fatigue, low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, poor concentration and an overall decline in energy and muscle quality.

    - Hormonal balance of the body also suffers contributing to many of these symptoms.

    - Hormones are the fuel that drives all important aspects of our body, like growth, behaviour and effects of ageing.

    - The several glands of the endocrine system release these hormones.

    - However, ageing can lead to a slower activity of these glands resulting in an imbalance in the body.

    - It can have several nasty repercussions on the body, given the crucial aspects that hormones control.

    What are the advantages?

    - A major benefit of testosterone replacement therapy is that the rejection rate of the body and potential side effects, which are common when synthetic hormones are used for a replacement procedure, would be significantly reduced.

    - Another benefit of this therapy is the easy administration options available to effectively and efficiently transfer the hormones to target areas. These include pills, patches, creams and gels and injections.

    - It cures erectile dysfunction and increases the libido of the person.

    - It maximizes performance while boosting the energy levels, especially if you are not able to see significant results of your workout.

    - You are able to gain both muscle as well as strength. Especially it is meant for people who are over 30 and feel less energetic as well as sluggish.

    - It also helps you to look and feel better.

    How can you improve Testosterone Production in the body?

    Well, you could try out testosterone replacement therapy, for one. Here is how it helps.

    Assisting in testosterone production – Testosterone production relies mainly on the brain processes and the endocrine system. With the required components not being available through food, it is the supplement that accounts for the missing nutrients and provide it to the body.

    Estrogen – An enzyme named aromatase produces estrogen and often uses testosterone to achieve the same. The powerful ingredients such as zinc in the supplements help inhibit the process of estrogen production which itself results in more testosterone in the body. Estrogen can also be suppressed through the use of Anti-E medications

    Increase free testosterone – SHBG or Sex Hormone Binding Globulin binds 60 percent of T-Levels in your body disabling the testosterone to be used directly. The boosters reduce globulin production thereby increasing free testosterone in the body.

    Understanding the Testosterone Replacement Therapy

    An individualized programme is constructed based on their age and medical condition.

    Then, from a list of hormones, those that suit them best are given in the form of bio-identical alternatives.

    A large population of men, struggling to cope with the weakening effects of aging, stand to gain immensely from this new therapy.

    An extensive follow-up accompanies this procedure, where a physician regularly monitors the patient’s hormone levels to make sure that the results of the therapy are normal.

    If you're low on testosterone levels, get in contact today!

    Dr. B
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