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Hey guys!

I Just wanted to wish everyone happy holidays! The support at MC has been fantastic and I am trying to keep up with the forum, this is a busy time of year!

We are pleased to announce that Entourage in now the #1 provider of Low T in the US. We could not have come this far without our great patients!

We have had a large waiting list and will be accepting new patients as soon as tomorrow.

We are running a special for $119/month for all-inclusive Low T treatment. This is less than buying a cup of coffee every morning!
As you guys know Low T is an epidemic in the US and it is important that everyone get their levels checked to see if you are deficient in producing endogenous testosterone. This will severely effect your quality of life!

If any of you fine gentlemen have any questions please do not hesitate to email me at entouragemedical@protonmail.com

If you wish to sign up- go ahead and head over to:


Get Enrolled!

Itís never too late to focus on yourself!

Dr. Bryan Henry
Medical Director
Entourage Medical