Here's how a simple breathing technique can help you lift heavier weights in a much more stronger set up. ⁣

"Intra-abdominal pressure (IAP) has been suggested to increase lumbar stability by assisting with the formation of a “rigid cylinder” through the abdominal muscles and/or through stabilizing forces delivered via fascial connections to the vertebral segments. Given these recent studies, consensus appears to be forming that the functional role of IAP may be primarily to assist with stability".⁣

As we progress in our lifting experience, it becomes more and more important to give attention to details in order for us to continue to make progress. While breathing might be something a lot of people tend to over look, it plays a huge role in performing exercises under heavy loads!

When we breathe in (inhaling) we're pushing air to our lungs, pushing down the diaphragm. The muscle contracts and creates pressure over the abdominal cavity, obliques & lumbar muscles.

(You just need to inhale enough oxygen to have your "belly stick out", to the point where you're still able to contract your abs & brace your core).⁣

How does a WL belt help with this ?
By wearing your lifting belt tight enough to the point where you're still able to push your belly against the belt, you're providing your mid section with an external force which pushes against you. And that's the whole point of wearing it. You don't wear a belt to look cool, nor to have it apply its force passively, it actually serves a purpose: ⁣

By having limited amount of space to breathe against due to the belt pushing against you, adding the proper breathing technique to it will increase intra-abdominal pressure even more!