Lifters often forego isometric training as they feel it won’t have much impact on hypertrophy. While that may have some truth to it, isometric training is incredibly beneficial for joint health. This study found that isometric training significantly increased patella tendon stiffness compared to normal training. This means that the tendon is better at transmitting muscular force to the bone to cause movement and is less likely to be injured during high force movements. Use static holds like wall sits or quarter push-up holds to add some isometric elements to your training.
▪️ Source: Kubo, K., Ikebukuro, T., Yaeshima, K., Yata, H., Tsunoda, N., & Kanehisa, H. (2009). Effects of static and dynamic training on the stiffness and blood volume of tendon in vivo. Journal of Applied Physiology, 106(2), 412-417.