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💥 Looking to improve your thoracic rotation and loosen up that mid-back? Here is how you can improve the extension and rotation of this region! The thoracic spine is easily the stiffest area on most people’s spines because we sit so much and move so little! Our body does not like being in prolonged positions, and most the time our sitting position involves a very rounded thoracic spine. Here is a way you can get some movement into this area so that you can begin to eliminate that stiffness and get it feeling better!
1️⃣ Sit back on your heels, grab a foam roller, and reach the arms out on the foam roller while pushing the chest to the floor. You can perform this for reps and at the end of ready rep hinge through the mid-back by pushing the chest into the floor.
2️⃣ Now while we are in this out stretched position, we can take one arm off the foam roller and punch it under us and reach as far as we can the opposite way. This is working rotation into that thoracic spine to make sure we improve all ranges of motion!