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Thread: How to Train Arms to get them to Grow.

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    Default How to Train Arms to get them to Grow.

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    Both the biceps and triceps are fast twitch dominant muscle groups, meaning that the majority of training should be spent with heavier weights and longer rest periods (1-3 mins for smaller muscle groups). However, the triceps may have some differences in fiber type composition between individual heads, so make sure you mix up both your rep ranges and exercise selection for triceps. Lastly, both muscle groups can also be trained through methods that maximize metabolic stress - high reps/short rest and blood flow restriction training are also great options.
    ▪️ Source: Srinivasan, R. C., Lungren, M. P., Langenderfer, J. E., & Hughes, R. E. (2007). Fiber type composition and maximum shortening velocity of muscles crossing the human shoulder. Clinical Anatomy: The Official Journal of the American Association of Clinical Anatomists and the British Association of Clinical Anatomists, 20(2), 144-149.
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    I would not agree to train biceps at low repetitions using barbells or dumbbells, perhaps with bodyweight exercises such as pull ups with reverse and closed grips.

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